I am extremely distressed and astonished by the recent actions of Advisory Neighborhood Commission member Jenna Lowenstein (COL ’09) to extend a keg limit to students living off campus (“Local Board Pushes Further Keg Limits,” THE HOYA, Feb. 2, 2007, A1).

In supporting this measure, Commissioner Lowenstein is doing a disservice to the Georgetown student body she purportedly represents (although winning her position in an unopposed election by no means constitutes a mandate).

University administrators understandably have jurisdiction over campus housing and what goes on there, but there is no excuse for them to control the lives of students living off campus. Upperclassmen who reluctantly relocate to off-campus residences because of the lack of adequate space on campus deserve the same rights as any other members of the community who pay to live in private dwellings.

I doubt the adults on the ANC would appreciate being told how much beer they could have on the Fourth of July or during a family picnic. Once students reach the age of 21, they are legally permitted to purchase and consume as much alcohol as they want in any container of their choosing. Already suffering from exorbitant rent and run-down housing, off-campus students will not stand for encroachment on their liberties.

It’s one thing for a landlord or the police to tell you what you can and cannot do, but the reach of Georgetown administrators should end at the front gates.

Paul Liebeskind (COL ’08)

Feb. 3, 2007

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