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Name: Jadig GarciaSport: Softball

Position: Second baseman

Hometown: Zebulon, N.C.

Class: COL ’10

Your name is spelled “Jadig” but pronounced differently. How come?

It’s actually “Hadi,” you know, how the J is pronounced as an H and how the G is silent. . I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican – that’s where that comes from. It’s totally made up, it’s completely made up.

Do professors have trouble with your name at all?

It’s a mess, especially the first day, but I just tell them. Sometimes they ask, at other times, they’re like just like `OK.’

What made you pick Georgetown over other universities?

ostly academics; when I first came, I really wanted to be a doctor . pretty much my dad always told me I needed to get a good education, so top priority was academics and then softball would follow.

Did you grow up playing a lot of sports, or was it always just softball?

y dad was a big baseball fan, so I played baseball with the boys when I was small. I just stopped playing randomly, but then I picked it back up when I was 11. That was pretty much all I played until eighth grade, when I picked up volleyball. But it’s pretty much been all softball for me.

What was it like joining the team when you first came here?

Our team actually clicked immediately. We all get along really well, we can hang out in a group and everybody’s laughing and joking around and it’s never awkward; nobody ever stays out of our little circle. So we all get along really well.

Does the team have a jokester?

We used to, but now I think everyone just jokes around with everybody; there’s not, like, one specific person who’s always joking around. One of our freshmen, Regan [Page] . she’s like an awkward funny, but she just makes everybody laugh just by the little things she does.

If you had to pick one memorable game from your Georgetown career, what would it be? I’d have to say . when we played Ole Miss last year. It was one of those games where we all put in a 100 percent effort. Everybody did their part and we won 1-0 so it was a really good game till the very last inning. I think that was the best game we’ve ever played.

Have you ever done anything really embarrassing on the field?

I think I actually ran off the field one day and there were only two outs . that was probably it.

Do you have any superstitions?

I didn’t realize this till last year, but my friends pointed out that every time I went out to second base, I would touch the bag and then go where I was supposed to go. I never noticed I did it, but apparently I did it every single time.

If you could be good at any sport other than softball, what would you pick?

Soccer. I’ve never played, but I feel like I could play soccer for some reason. And when I was little, I always wanted to be a gymnast. That’s, like, my dream – but it never happened.

Who is your favorite professional athlete?

I actually like Manny Ramírez a lot, which is weird because a lot of people think he’s lazy and all that stuff, but I really love the way he plays and the way he hits. He’s really fun to watch.

What do you like doing in your spare time outside of Georgetown?

I’m really a homebody type of person; I just like to stay at home and watch TV or something. But if I actually have to go somewhere, I like to go shopping.

Booey’s or Wisey’s?

Wisey’s. [I usually get the] Burger Madness.

– Interview and picture by Hijab Shah

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