Junior Class GUSA Representative Shez Islam (COL ’05) announced his resignation Tuesday from the student association, citing a lack of available time.

“The biggest reason I resigned is that I have too many on- and off-campus commitments already, and GUSA was not high on the list of priorities, so it was one of the things I had to drop,” Islam said.

Islam said his other commitments include classes and a job at Georgetown Hospital; in addition, he is treasurer of the South Asian Society and an active member of the Muslim Student Association.

Islam had been contemplating his resignation “for a few weeks now, probably a week or two before school started. And I made the final decision this past weekend.”

GUSA will combine the election for Islam’s vacant seat with freshman elections, scheduled in early October.

Because there is a 30 day window for special elections, Islam’s resignation has been tabled until late September.

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