Sometimes it seems like every Georgetown graduate is going into consulting or investment banking.

This trend exists for a reason — these jobs provide a clear pipeline and recruitment process, and a competitive starting salary that can help recent graduates start to pay off student debt.

In a commendable effort that could help buck this trend, StartupHoyas and the Schramm family have established the Georgetown Startup Stipend Program, which aims to help recent graduates with student debt. The stipend is available to recent graduates entering fields related to entrepreneurship, and will pay graduates a stipend in order to cover one or two years of student loans, depending on the recipient.

This stipend could help build Georgetown’s reputation for entrepreneurship. Together with the up-and-coming Start-upHoyas, this program serves to increase the creative potential of business-minded Georgetown graduates.

As a liberal arts school, Georgetown should take pride in its students’ innovations and creativity. While our school’s contributions to finance and consulting should not be overlooked, encouraging students to pursue their individual passions reinforces our institutional mission.

More importantly, however, the stipend increases the accessibility of a Georgetown education. It will help students pursue jobs at smaller companies that they are passionate about, which is an exciting prospect for Georgetown and its graduates.

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