INAUGURAL MASS McCarrick Praises GU’s Jesuit Identity By Sarah Connolly Hoya Staff Writer

Charles Nailen/The Hoya Cardinal Theodore McCarrick celebrates Mass Sunday on Copley Lawn as part of DeGioia’s inauguration weekend.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington, celebrated Mass Sunday in honor of the inauguration of Georgetown University’s 48th President John J. DeGioia. Students, faculty and alumni gathered on Copley lawn despite looming rain clouds to participate in the Inaugural Mass with Archbishop cCarrick.

McCarrick, who was involved with many of the inaugural festivities this past weekend, expressed enthusiasm and confidence in Georgetown’s future with President DeGioia. “Let us go united and live our lives and be strong in our faith and proclaim it,” he said.

McCarrick spoke about Georgetown’s Catholic identity and the important role the Jesuits hold within the university.

He also highlighted the importance of a faith-centered university that promotes faith-based lives. “This is the message we must proclaim: Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. We must take this faith and base our whole lives on it,” he said.

The Archbishop praised Georgetown as “an institution that will never be ashamed of its faith, an institution that proclaims its faith with joy and fidelity.”

He urged Georgetown to continue to uphold and adhere to its faith, saying, “never hesitate to proclaim Christ’s message with joy.”

He also commended Georgetown’s commitment to service and social justice work.

In particular, McCarrick emphasized the need to be open and attentive to the needs of the poor.

“We Americans, Catholics, family of Georgetown have so much to be thankful for,” McCarrick said. “We thank God for our new president, for the new light and joy he will bring to us . We also thank God for the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit tradition.”

“We meet today at a moment when our country is still suffering . But it is also a moment of great joy for this university,” McCarrick said.

Following Mass, President DeGioia thanked McCarrick and former University President Leo O’Donovan S.J., among others, for their presence at the celebration.

The Inaugural Mass was celebrated at the end of a week of inauguration festivities, many of which highlighted Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition and identity.

Mass was followed by brunch in the Leavey ballroom.

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