Charles Nailen/The Hoya

Sport: Basketball

Position: Forward

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

University Prior to Georgetown: Academy of Labor and Social Relations

School/Year: COL ’04

Major: Sociology

When did you first start playing basketball? When I was 10. I was really tall and all of the coaches really wanted me to play. I had heart problems, so I never played any sports, but the coaches thought I had a lot of potential and could work with me. When I started playing, my health actually got better.

Favorite band/musician: Busta Rhymes or Nelly.

What did you want to be when you were little? I don’t know. My parents just wanted me to be happy. I never really had any goals, I just always wanted to be happy.

How did you decide to come to Georgetown? I was playing in the European Championship for the Russian National Team, and the Georgetown coach came up to me and asked if I would play for Georgetown. If I played club basketball in Russia, then I wouldn’t be able to go to school because you practice twice a day. So I decided to go to Georgetown.

If you could play basketball against any one person, who would it be and why? Michael Jordan. I really like him and he’s a really great basketball player. It would be great to meet him.

One bad habit you have: I’m perfect. I don’t have any bad habits.

Favorite food: Everything my mom makes. And seafood – I really like that, too.

Person who has impacted your life most profoundly: It’s very hard to say. Every person brings something into your life. My parents have always been there and supported me and have never pushed me.

If you could have dinner with any one person, who would it be and why? Mother Theresa, definitely. She was a very kind person and the way she saw the world was different. She’s always been there and has always solved people’s pain.

Thing you miss the most about Russia: The language. It’s hard in a sense because I didn’t speak any English when I came here. I was only 17, and I didn’t know anything. Russia and the U.S. are two very different countries, and I had to adjust.

One random goal that you hope to accomplish before you graduate: To win the championship. A non-sports related goal I have is to make people know me, so they say “There’s Varda.” I want to be around people and be sociable.

Worst fear: A war. Or getting hurt or injured.

Favorite way to relax: Music and just talking to somebody – a friend or a boyfriend.

Favorite place on campus: My apartment in Henle. I’m so busy sometimes that I just thank God that I’m home and can lie down and think. I really feel comfortable.

If you could not play basketball anymore, what is one thing you would do in its place? I would want to be a sports agent so I would still be able to be in sports and be around players and watch it. I would be around the game and travel a lot and meet new people.

Favorite childhood toy: Probably Barbie.

If you could travel to any one place, where would you go and why? I would go to Brazil or Australia. It sounds really cool, and in Brazil it seems like they know how to have fun. It just sounds fun, and it would be nice to see a different culture since I’ve been around Europe a lot.

Biggest pet peeve: Annoying people or boring people who have no sense of humor or are hard to talk to. Or when mothers yell at their kids.

One thing that always puts you in a good mood: y mother. Talking to my mother. She always knows what to say.

Ideal job: One where you can have fun and really like it even if you have work 12 hours a day. One that makes good money, too.

Plans for after graduation: I would like to do a lot of things. A lot of people tell me that I should be a model, so maybe I’ll try that. Or maybe I’ll do something in sociology.

What do you like about sociology? I like people and everything about them. I think I could change the world. If I could change people’s perspectives on things, like race, and make sure people are equal and respect each other.

One lesson you had to learn the hard way: To listen.

One word you would use to describe yourself: Energetic.

One word that your roommate would use to describe you: Funny.

Best Georgetown memory, to date: The basketball banquet last year when we had five or six seniors leaving. I started crying. I really loved them and it was really sad. I really love them as family.

Height: 6-3, but some people think I’m 6-4.

Best thing about being so tall: You get a lot of attention.

Favorite place to eat in Georgetown: Georgetown Cafe. It’s cute and there’s something about it. And it’s always open.

Do you have any special family traditions: In Russia before you go somewhere, everyone just sits down and wishes you a good trip and good luck. We do it before every trip.

If you could have any actress play you in a movie, who would it be and why? Julia Roberts because everyone says I look like her.

Favorite book: L’Arc de Triomphe.

Thing you will miss the most about Georgetown: People. I’m all about people.

Quality you value most in a friend: I hate when people lie, so honesty.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Being famous, so people would know me.

What is under your bed right now? My shoes and my toys.

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