Mitch Fox/The Hoya

Sport: Track and Field

Events: 5k, 6k, 800m, and the mile

Hometown: Stow, Ohio

High School: Stow-Monroe Falls

School/Year: COL ’04

Major: Sociology

Minor: English

High School Highlights: Part of the track team that won the Western Reserve Conference Track Championship in 1999 and 2000 . Voted Most Valuable Cross Country Runner . Three-year Rotary Scholar . Member of the Merit and Excellence Honor Roll.

Georgetown Highlights: Took 18th place at the 2002 Big East Cross Country Championship, earning points with a time of 21:27 . Sophomore: Participated in the distance medley relay in Nationals,took seventh place and was named an All-American . Finished third in the Big East for the 1,000m ECAC Indoors . Took second in the 1,000m Outdoors . Finished fourth in the Big East for the 800m . Freshman: Placed third at the 2001 Big East Indoor Championship in the 1,000m (2:51.33) . Ran lead-off leg on the Hoyas’ second-place 4×800-meter relay squad at the Big East Indoors . Took sixth place in the 1,000m at the USTCA Collegiate Invitational (2:53.12) and at the Penn State National Open . Ran on the 4×1,500m relay team to take first place at the Alabama Relays . Finished seventh in the 800m at both the Big East and ECAC Outdoor Championship.

Why did you decide to run cross country this year instead of just track? It wasn’t so much a decision I made. I did kind of run the past two years, but I just decided this summer to really train hard, and my coaches encouraged me to train hard – I guess they just saw my potential. So I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity.

Favorite childhood game: Kickball

Did you have any unique family traditions growing up? For birthdays, I like pie more than cake, so my mom makes me apple pie. We used to put candles in it when I was younger, but not anymore.

Typical number of miles you run in a week: Sixty to 65 miles a week.

If you could play on any other Georgetown team, which one would you pick and why? I think I would play on the soccer team. I used to play soccer, midfield, in high school and when I was younger. I played for a long time, about eight years.

Favorite meal from the dining hall: I’m kind of simple – a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato and hummus, with minestrone soup.

Something that cheers you up when you’re having a bad day: y roommates and I have dance parties – we turn the music up and do whatever. I think our favorite [to dance to] is an ’80s mix or early ’90s mix.

Favorite place to study: The Leavey Center at the tables next to Hoya’s. I think I like it because of the social scene, and Vittles and Uncommon Grounds are there.

Preferred drink from Uncommon Grounds: I order one-half hot chocolate, one-half coffee.

If you had to choose only one CD to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be? I guess right now I’m hooked on John Mayer, so his CD Room for Squares. I saw him in concert this summer, so after that it makes the CD even better. I also saw Dave atthews Band this summer.

Favorite DMB song: Crash or Satellite

What’s the general-ed requirement at Georgetown that’s been the most annoying to take? I’m not really a big fan of science. Right now I’m taking “The Science of Sound and Music” – it’s a lot of physics, and I’m not that good at physics.

Best sociology class you’ve taken: I don’t know if I have a favorite class. I’ve had favorite professors and that’s why I’ve stayed in it. I love Professor [William] Daddio and Professor [Shelly] Habel. They’re really receptive and easy to talk to. They make sociology fun – they’re into it, and that’s what makes their classes so good.

Fastest you’ve ever run a mile: It’s kind of hard to say. I run the 1,500m, which is almost a mile, but not quite, in 4:21. So for a mile, I guess it’s about 4:41.

Best way to procrastinate: Do nothing. Watch TV, talk on IM, check my email or just sit in the caf for a long time. That’s probably the biggest – I could just sit there for an hour.

Favorite TV show: “Friends”

Favorite “Friends” character: I think Monica’s hilarious. I guess I like her because she’s competitive.

Ideal running route: My favorite run would probably be the trails – there are trails in the back of campus, right behind the hospital. They’re the best place to run because in the summer they’re the coolest place to run, and D.C. is not cool. Our season carries over into the summer, so I was here in June.

Is the glass half empty or half full? I see it as half full. I just think so many things have happened already, and I just hope they continue. I’m just very fortunate because running is just something I love, and I’ve met so many incredible people and been so many incredible places.

First thing you think when you wake up in the morning: I just kinda roll out of bed in the morning and run – it’s like an automatic response. We have runs to do in the morning, like for 20 minutes. Also, I really like Raisin Bran, so sometimes I think I can’t wait to have Raisin Bran or bananas.

Best meal you know how to make: Lasagna. It’s probably the only thing I know how to make.

Do you prefer running alone or with other people? It goes both ways. On hard days I love running with other people, but on easy days I like to run alone.

Average bedtime: 11:30 p.m.

Personal quirk or habit your friends tease you about: My friends make fun of me because I really like peanut butter and peanuts. In our cupboard we have four jars of peanut butter – two chunky and two creamy – and a big container of peanuts. I like dry-roasted peanuts – every time my parents come and see me that’s what they bring. I think I get it from my dad, because every time I go home there’s always a lot of peanut butter.

Favorite brand of peanut butter: Jif

Person who has impacted you the most profoundly: I guess I would say my dad. He’s basically my best friend – I talk to him almost every day. He’s impacted me because we’re so close, he understands me so well.

Ideal job: If I could do anything, I think it would be running. I love it so much. I just love being outside.

What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be a meteorologist because I knew all the different clouds and stuff. I was also fascinated with tornadoes.

Favorite movie genre: I love comedies, but I can’t say I have a favorite movie. I guess movies just don’t stick with me. But I love movies with Julia Roberts.

One thing, other than running, that you’re passionate about: The main reason I like sociology so much is because we study the social norms of race and gender. I like the subject of social inequality and stuff like that.

Favorite season: I think it’s fall – I love the leaves.

What goes through your head when you’re running a race? Gosh, so many things. Just trying not to think about the pain and just trying to catch as many people as I can.

Would you rather write a paper or take a test: Write a paper.

Least favorite type of music: I don’t like country.

Do you have any good-luck superstitions for running: I always wear the same pair of lucky socks. I always wash them in between races, but I wear them every race. It started freshman year. I ran well one time and I thought, “why not?” I had two pairs – I lost one pair last year, so now I only have one – it’s really kinda heart-breaking.

If you could relive one moment or experience in your life, which one would it be and why? I think just hanging out with my brother, Louis (18). It’s not just one moment, but when I go home and hang out with him, it’s so much fun – just laughing with my brother and stuff.

Best/worst weather to run in: My favorite is 70 degrees and sunny. The worst is when it’s raining and cold. Like now, it hasn’t been fun for me.

What would the title of your biography be? I guess I would say, “Believe in Yourself.”

One non-sports related thing you hope to accomplish before you die: Travel the world. Right now everyone’s talking about how awesome Australia is, so I’d love to do that.

Most valuable lesson you’ve learned from running track: Since I’ve been here, I think it’s been more patience. I guess with running, things might not always go your way, you might not always run as fast as you want to. I’ve just learned that things happen with time.

What’s under your bed right now? Kinda like a box of random stuff – a beach ball and a snorkel and Christmas decorations. I just call it a “box of fun.”

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