Charles Nailen/The Hoya Senior quarterback Sean Peterson

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md.

High School: Watkins Mill

School: MSB ’02

Major: Marketing and Management

High School Highlights: All-County for football and basketball … Two-year football and basketball captain … Holds career and game football records for most passing yards, attempts, completions and touchdowns.

Georgetown Highlights: Named starting quarterback for 2001 season … Current leading passer in the Patriot League … Had career highs with 255 passing-yards and two touchdowns versus Lehigh.

Favorite Team: Washington Redskins

Favorite Athlete: Scott Pogorelec. He’s at the point now where practice is meaningless to him. He’s a game player.

Favorite Quote: “Men don’t follow titles; they follow courage. ” – Braveheart

What do you hold as your greatest non-sports related achievement? Making Dean’s List last semester. It came as a complete shock to me and my family. I told them it was an error in the registrar’s office.

Who is or has been your favorite professor at Georgetown? Professor Daddio. I’ve taken all three classes he offers: intro to sociology, sociology of terrorism and death and dying. He’s very down-to-earth and understands what college kids go through. He’s very laid back. He’s someone you’d be friends with if he were in school now.

If you were given a million dollars tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do with it? After paying off all my loans and debts, I would donate it to the efforts going on in New York and here.

What is your dream job? Be an NFL punter – minimum wages are pretty nice and there’s very little pressure.

If you could own any type of business, what would it be and why? A professional sports team. It would still keep me involved in sports, traveling, rooting for a team.

Would you rather be a movie critic or a music critic? A movie critic. I enjoy most movies I see, and there is some music I just can’t stand, like country.

Do you have any siblings? One younger brother, Chris. We’ve become closer friends ever since I left for college, complaining about mom and dad.

If you could be great at any sport besides football, what would it be and why? I’d love to be a golfer. It seems like a very relaxing job and it wouldn’t take a toll on my body like football does.

What is your best childhood memory? When we got the pool in the backyard finished. I could finally swim in it with water rather than walk around the concrete.

What is your worst fear? Being buried alive.

Do you drink coffee? Only during exams.

If you could play against any GU athlete, who would it be and why? Fire some shots at Scott Schroeder, the lacrosse goalie. I played one year in seventh grade. I think I could score on him.

What is your worst childhood memory? Riding my Big Wheel down the bike path behind our house. I went down the curb, across the street, across the curb and cracked the Big Wheel right in half against a tree.

Do you approve of the job President Bush is doing now in this time of crisis? Yes, I do, as far as things have played out so far. We’ll see how they turn out in the end. He’s been very aggressive and that’s what the American people are calling for.

-Interview by J.P Hezel

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