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Sport: Soccer

Position: Defense

Hometown: Branchburg, N.J.

High School: Gill St. Bernard

School/Year: MSB ’04

Major: Marketing

Minor: Sociology

High School Highlights: Four-year letter winner in soccer, basketball and track . Helped lead soccer team to two state championships . Named soccer MVP in 1998 and 1999 . First Team NJISAA All-State Prep team in soccer 1996-1999 . Chosen First Team All-Somerset and All-Area for soccer in 1998 and 1999 . NJGSCA soccer All-State Team in 1998 and 1999 . Holds seven school records in track . First Team All-County for track in 1999 . Three-time MVP for track team . Basketball MVP.

Georgetown Highlights: Co-captain of women’s soccer team . 2002: Had two game-winning assists and one game-tying assist . Named Most Improved Player of the season . Named to the Big East All-Academic Team . 2001: Earned two points from assists . Set up two critical goals in the ECAC tournament . Named to the Big East All-Academic Team . 2000: Appeared in every game, earning 16 starts . Scored her first collegiate goal against Towson during the first game of the season . One of only two freshman to start every Big East game.

If you could change one rule about soccer, what would it be? They just changed the substituting rule where if you come out in a half, you can’t come back in. They did it to make it more like women’s pro soccer, but I’d change it back to unlimited subbing. It changes the whole strategy of the game.

If you were stranded on a desert island with one CD, one movie and one TV series on tape, what would you bring? CD: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live, Movie: Super Troopers, TV Series: Family Guy.

Most prized possession: Probably my Instant essenger – it’s the only way I can keep in touch with my friends, really. My friends are a big part of my life, but I don’t have the time to call each and every one of them all of the time. So that’s how I keep up with them even while I’m away, like at the airport.

One thing you always do before a game: I read inspirational quotes. I just take an hour out beforehand and just read them and visualize. I also wear pre-wrap around my right ankle. I don’t know why – it’s gotten hurt before, but now I just do it for good luck.

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why? I would want to be Prince William, just to see what it’s like. I’d just like to see what it’s like to be in the eye of the paparazzi for a day and to see if it’s really that annoying. And also because he’s huge in helping people and the homeless and he’s trying to follow in his mother’s footsteps. I’d like to have his power to be able to change something. And I’d be the No. 1 bachelor.

Most demanding aspect of soccer: The amount of free time it takes up. No one really realizes that we come back almost a month early to practice and train. We finish up in November and then start up again in February full-time. And we can’t really have normal summers because we have to be somewhere where we can train and practice.

Plans for after graduation: I want to take a summer off and actually take a vacation – I haven’t been on one in a long time. But after, I would stay in D.C. and hopefully work for Bickerstaff Sports and Entertainment. I’ve had an internship there for awhile and they’ve offered me a position. So I’d start there and get into the world of marketing athletes.

Biggest pet peeve: People who contradict themselves.

Thing you’ll miss most about college: Everything. Probably the social life because you have all these opportunities to meet people and once you graduate, it’s goes “poof” and it’s gone. Now we’re put into a setting where we can meet people our age. That, and if I don’t want to make dinner, I won’t be able to go to the cafeteria.

Biggest fear on the field: Either getting severely injured or having a player that I’m supposed to be marking score. My one goal is not to have a forward get by me and score.

If you could possess any one superpower, what would it be and why? It would probably be to be able to jet myself to anywhere, just to have a little jetpack on my back and go. I hate the traffic in D.C., and it would be nice to be able to just go into town, or even from here to New Jersey.

Biggest misconception that other people have about you: Probably my sarcasm – it might come off as mean sometimes, but I’m really just joking.

Person you admire the most: My parents. I have no idea how they raised two kids who were probably the busiest kids ever when we were little, put us through college and gave us a home and were still always there for us. I have never not been able to do something because of my parents – they always encouraged us and wanted us to have fun. And now, they took in my grandmother, who’s 92, and are taking care of her instead of putting her in a nursing home. I really admire that.

Coolest thing you did this summer: I was interning for WUSA [Women’s United Soccer Association] and the Washington Freedom, and I was in charge of the promotional “Meet the Team” party where the season ticket holders get to meet the players. It’s a big event, and I got to talk to players to ask them what they wanted – so I was on a one-on-one basis with Mia Hamm and Siri Mullinix, the goalie for the National Team. I grew up admiring these people and now I’m on a personal level with them. And I also got to go to their games and watch from the sidelines, so I really got to see them up close.

Biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome: A month and a half ago I herniated a disc in my back, and I’m just coming back now. Having to sit out the preseason of my senior year has been hard, and deciding what to do – whether to redshirt and that sort of thing – has been hard. It’s been hard to sit out and watch but still try to be a good captain and understand what people are going through on the field. I’ve had some hard decisions with what to do with my body.

How did you get injured? I did Pilates three times a day over the summer. It says on the video that you should do it every other day. I ordered it online and I got obsessed with it. A lot of people on the team are making fun of me for it.

One thing you hope to do before you graduate: I’d like to make a good impression on the underclassmen of the team, and hopefully they’ll follow in the footsteps of the seniors when we graduate.

Worst movie you’ve ever seen: Freddy Got Fingered. I don’t even think I watched the whole thing.

Favorite place on campus: Next to the observatory, where there’s a little garden and ponds of fish. I do homework up there, and no one really knows about it.

Best thing you can cook for yourself: The best thing is probably chicken and broccoli, or chicken and vegetables. y dad is a professional cook, so my mom and I have never been able to cook for ourselves. I didn’t even know how to make grilled cheese when I came to college. But I can make a seven-layer bean dip that’s really good.

Three magazines on your ideal coffee table: People, because I’m obsessed with what the stars do, Newsweek and Car and Driver because I’m obsessed with cars. I go to a car show in New York every year – it’s been a hidden obsession of mine. Sometimes when I’m driving with my boyfriend, we play the “car game” where he’ll point out a car and I’ll tell him the make and model. I guess that’s what happens when you have an older brother, Matt, 24, who’s into cars. I always followed in his footsteps when I was little.

Ideal car: BMW three series, all-season convertible, leather interior and the whole works. I’d take it in any color, but if I could choose, I’d probably pick black.

Favorite way to procrastinate: Watching reality TV shows. My favorite one now is Paradise Hotel, but over the summer it was Surfer Girls.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? I guess I wouldn’t judge people on appearances or on first impressions.

Favorite way to relax: Probably just to sit down and read a non-school book.

Favorite book: White Oleander [by Janet Fitch] or The Lovely Bones [by Alice Sebold].

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do? Invest in stocks and bonds or mutual funds. I’d give some away to charities, preferably cancer [charities] because it’s been in my family. Then I’d buy my BMW and then invest. That’s one thing I took out of finance classes.

Do you play an instrument? I play the piano and I used to play the clarinet for about six years. But I’ve played the piano my entire life.

If you could choose any actress to play you in a movie, who would you choose? Sandra Bullock, because she seems so down-to-earth and not caught up in the whole Hollywood thing. The roles she plays are both humorous and serious, and I see her as flawless. She’s more humorous than serious, and that’s how I am, too.

Favorite snack food: Chewy Bars, chocolate chip.

One piece of advice you’d give to an incoming freshman: To never give up and to have confidence in yourself. If no one else has confidence in you, you need to have it in yourself. On the field and in class, a lack of confidence has been a huge part in a downward trend for me, and if it weren’t for my parents and coaches instilling confidence in me, I don’t think I’d be here now. I’d tell them that or it’s never as bad as you think it is.

One goal you have for the soccer team this season: To make it to the NCAA tournament. Last year we were the next team to be invited, and we missed it by one point. There are over 300 teams, and only 64 get invited. If you win your conference, you automatically go, so teams that we beat ended up going because they won their conference.

What’s under your bed right now? Lots of Snapple bottle caps. I collect them – because you can send them in and get prizes. So I have about 200 bottle caps in big bags. If anyone has any, please give them to me!

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