David Kramer/The Hoya Ken Jordan: Men’s Tennis Hometown: Cincinnatti, OH High School: Saint Xavier H.S. School: MSB ’02 Major: arketing Sport: Tennis

High School Highlights: Two-time All-State … Four-time All-City … Two-year captain … 100 career singles and doubles wins

Georgetown Highlights: Big East All-Academic Team … Led team in singles wins freshman year … Led team in doubles wins freshman and sophomore years … Won deciding match versus Towson last year …Won deciding match at Maryland last weekend

Favorite Team: Cincinnatti Reds

Favorite Athlete: Deion Sanders

If you could play against any other GU athleter who would it be? Katie Smrcka-Duffy because I’m a big women’s basketball fan and she’s going to the WNBA

Favorite Quote: “Success is a journey. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” -Arthur Ashe

Favorite Food: Three-Way Chili. It’s like chili spaghetti.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be and why? Arthur Ashe. He played a sport [tennis] non-mainstream for African Americans. His tennis goals were secondary to more important social achievements.

Are you afraid of heights? Yes. I’m afraid of birds, too. One hit my car once and it scared me. I’ve been afraid of them ever since.

Name one thing non-sports related you want to accomplish before graduating Georgetown? Making Dean’s List

What is your favorite part about your present team? The Fab Three: Nick, Andrew, two other players and me. The head coach named us that freshman year.

Preferred Tennis Ball and Racket: Wilson U.S. Open balls with extra duty felt and an optic yellow color. A teal colored Wilson 5.0 racket.

New South or Darnall? New South. I’m a regular guy. I’ll eat with the hoi-polloi, the commoners, if you will.

What is or has been your favorite class at Georgetown? Presidential Electoral Politics with Professor Duncan. He was so old he gave us insight into all the presidents. His nickname was “No Flunkin’ Duncan.”

“Survivor” or “Temptation Island?” Neither. “The Mole.” It’s more thought-provoking, a lot more mind games. It’s intriguing. I love “The ole.”

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