Mitch Fox/The Hoya

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Middle Blocker

Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.

High School: St. Francis

School/Year: MSB ’03

Major: Marketing and Management

Minor: Theater

High School Highlights: Selected to the All-Bay Counties League First Team … Voted team’s Most Inspirational Player at Convent of the Sacred Heart as a sophomore … Named to the All-Central Coast, All-Santa Clara Valley League, All-State and All-Mercury News First Teams … All-Tournament Team honors at the 1998 State Championships, the Presentation Panther Challenge and the Santa Barbara Tournament of Champions.

Georgetown Highlights: Earned MVP at the Fairfield Inn Jefferson Cup Volleyball Tournament … 2001: Finished second on the team in blocks (97) and blocks per game (1.11) … Registered a season-high nine blocks in a pair of matches against St. John’s and William & Mary … Turned in a match-high eight blocks, along with 13 kills, against Pittsburg … 2000: Named to the All-Big East Second Team … Led the Big East with a .422 hitting percentage … Had a team-high 90 blocks … Holds the season record for blocks in a match against American University … 1999: Chosen for 1999 All-Big East Rookie Team … Led team in blocks with 103.

When did you first start playing volleyball? When I was 10.

Why volleyball? A family friend had been playing for a couple of years for a club team and got me into it. I kinda stumbled into it.

Favorite thing about volleyball: Being on a team and the team camaraderie. It’s just fun – what you don’t bring to the game, someone else does.

Most demanding thing about volleyball: 7 a.m. practice everyday.

What do you hold as your greatest sports-related achievement? I got to go to the Olympic training center in Colorado to try out for the Junior National Team in high school. It was awesome!

Personal pump-up song? Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations.”

Movie you could watch 100 times and never get sick of: I’d have to say Zoolander or any Adam Sandler movie. He kills me.

Have you ever met anyone famous? I worked in marketing publicity this summer for Universal and I got to go to all of the film premieres and parties. I met a lot of celebrities like Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and George Clooney.

Do you have any siblings? Nope. It’s OK. I always say that I had an “older dad.”

One word you would use to describe yourself: Candid.

One word your dad would use to describe you: Indescribable.

Was it a culture shock coming here from the West Coast? Yeah, it was a huge culture shock. It’s just so hard to explain … The West Coast is really chill and laid back.

Favorite place on campus: The gardens up around the Observatory.

Why did you choose Georgetown?

It has great academics.

Favorite magazine: Contents. It’s like a funky, independent magazine.

Freshman dorm: Harbin. I loved it. Shout out to “Pimp Alley!”

Person who’s had the most influence on you: I don’t think I can say one person. I try to find aspects of people – parents and close friends – around me to inspire me.

Favorite restaurant in Georgetown: Paolo’s. I like J. Paul’s, too.

What do you order when you go to Wisey’s? A veggie bagel without cream cheese.

What is the biggest misconception that other people have about you? Probably that I’m intimidating. I think maybe people are afraid to approach me.

Laptop or desktop? I want a laptop, but I have a desktop.

If you could switch lives with a person for one day, who would you choose and why? I’d say a squirrel. I just think the squirrels on campus have the best lives. They just chase people down for food.

What do you do in your free time? Sleep. I like, hibernate. And I like going out and dancing.

CD in your stereo right now: The Angus soundtrack. It’s hard-core rock songs that I like.

Do you play an instrument? I’ve tried to play the piano, and in high school I tried to play the guitar and I got a little further. But I think no matter how hard I try I will never fully grasp the concept.

Favorite poster on your wall: I have a ton of Mucha posters. All of his work is amazing – I’m obsessed.

If you could have one person, dead or alive, over for dinner, who would it be and what would you serve? I’d probably say my grandmother. Just because she died when I was really young. She was the coolest gramdmother anyone could have – she just really knew how to live life. I would serve dessert because as we all know, it’s the best part of any meal!

What do you hope to do when you graduate? I’m probably going to go to acting school in London, hopefully. I want to go to London, Australia and then come back to the States and see where I am.

How long have you been acting? I started when I was younger, in school plays and acting companies. Once volleyball started, I kinda stopped. But I think it’s cool being in someone else’s shoes and then once you’re done, being able to step out.

One thing you hope to do before you graduate: Go to a Georgetown track meet because we never have any meets here, so I’ve never had a chance to go.

What’s under your bed right now?

Luggage. And I think shoes – maybe a flashlight or two.

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