After almost two months without a victory, the Georgetown swim and dive teams rattled off five wins in one day, sweeping Howard University, Radford College and Virginia Military Institute Saturday at Howard University.

Georgetown had excellent performances all around, on the men’s and women’s side and in both swimming and diving. The teams won 14 of the 26 events, and finished second in 10 of them.

In what Head Coach Bethany Bower said was “one of our easier meets this season,” the Hoya men beat Howard 144.5-75.5 and VMI 181-59 while the women downed Howard, Radford and VMI 162-69, 149-82 and 192-21 respectively.

Despite the fact that the win came against weaker competition, the successful meet is a testament to coach Bower’s training regimen, which included a no-expenses-paid weeklong trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the better part of winter break.

“It sounds glamorous, but they worked hard training four hours a day and we were excited to put it [the training] to the test,” Bower said.

Georgetown swimming currently has no scholarship athletes and the willingness of students to pay their way to San Juan and forego winter break was validated by the big win.

The team will not be relocating to San Juan any time soon, but Bower was not averse to the idea. “It’s warm! We can train outdoors on a long course, 50 meters; we have a 25-yard course here. We only get two hours of training time here; there we got four,” she said. “And swimming can get boring, seeing the same black lines. I gave them black lines in a nicer area.”

The training was worth more than a nicer area, as the impressive wins demonstrated.

“The kids held up well, considering they’re pretty tired and broken down, I was very impressed,” Bower said. “They may be tired, but tired and victorious has a way of turning into momentum.

The Hoyas will swim three times in the next three weeks in the District before moving on to the Big East Championships.

The team was led by a combination of freshmen and established senior captains and Big East qualifiers.

Senior tri-captain Katie Amaro commenced the winning by placing first in the day’s third event, the women’s 1,000-yd freestyle. Amaro went on to win the 200-yd and 500-yd freestyle events as well. She was joined by fellow captains Kevin Rieffel, first in the 1,000-yd freestyle, and Corinne Rhodes, first in the 200-yd breaststroke.

Sophomore Kelcey Moore won both diving events, the one and three meter platform, and qualified for the Big East championships. She was joined on the winner’s platform by men’s neophyte Daniel Robinson, who captured first place in the 200-yd freestyle and butterfly, and senior Santini Reali, who won both men’s diving events.

The team had another successful weekend and they won. So often in recent history, the Hoyas’ success has been measured in individual qualifications and personal bests set and not victories at the higher levels of competition.

“The difference between us and them is scholarships. Those guys have scholarships and we do not. And the result is, we’re not as deep as a Notre Dame or a Syracuse that has all these scholarships. It puts us at a disadvantage,” Bower said.

That may be so, but the effort these Hoyas have put forth thus far do not show as much.

Their next meet is tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the American University natatorium. Bower said that the key to the meet against American will be “not the top swimmers but the second, third and fourth swimmers. They’re going to be huge. It’s the other points we need to grab that are going to be so important.”

Depth means so many things to a swimmer. This year’s swimming team has shown that they can match up man-for-man with any team. Despite going into bigger meets undermanned, the Hoyas have managed to qualify almost a dozen swimmers for the Big East championships already, where they will try to make their mark in the conference’s deepest pool.

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