One would think that Hoya Court, as an important dining option at Georgetown, would provide quick service, tasty and affordable food and an atmosphere conducive to a good dining experience. Unfortunately, the food court in its current state fails miserably in all three areas.

Good service is crucial to students rushing to grab food between classes, jobs or activities. Yet the food court is often closed at the time students most crave sustenance – after 5 p.m. Concerning food selection, the food court sorely lacks the popular vendors similar facilities provide to college students across the country – including McDonald’s and Taco Bell. While the university closed a Taco Bell stand in May because it offered a limited-service menu, the space it once occupied stands empty.

And the atmosphere simply doesn’t measure up. It has no booths, no comfortable chairs and is not classy enough to host speakers, seminars or even to offer a decent place to study.

In its current state, Hoya Court is an embarrassment for Georgetown. Nevertheless, the Leavey food court is an important facility and the location has great potential if a few improvements are made – just three years ago the university reopened a renovated and state-of-the-art bookstore.

First, students should be able to use their meal plans to get food at Hoya Court. The different vendors, including popular fast-food chains, should offer students combos in exchange for one meal on their plans. After all, a dinner at Leo’s runs about $12, and lunch at Hoya Court rarely exceeds $6.

Second, the appearance of the court needs to be improved. A more elegant decor would allow it to host dinners, speakers and other events now held in more formal areas.

With these improvements, Hoya Court can finally become a facility worthy of the rest of Georgetown.

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