In his latest column “Teams and Fans Must Remember Their Roots,” The Hoya, April 15, 2008, B1), Alex Fumelli mentions that in the past he has turned to members of Hoya Blue for last-minute quotes for his columns. We wish he would have done so more extensively before writing this one. Hoya Blue is far from a perfect organization, and we as the 2008-2009 executive board recognize that there exists a perception of exclusivity on the part of Hoya Blue. We in no way claim a monopoly on what it means to be a Georgetown fan. We are committed to changing this perception and aim to be a more effective and inclusive organization in the coming year. To that end, we welcome all comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Unfortunately, the criticism Alex Fumelli lodges misrepresents the truth. Hoya Blue receives eight staff passes per basketball game to distribute to volunteers who assist other athletic department personnel in setting up promotions. The number 40 cited by Fumelli is wildly off the mark. We dissuade our members from saving seats, and though we have not been completely successful in curbing this behavior, it is hardly exclusive to Hoya Blue. Meanwhile, the HB members who spent hours in line to buy NCAA tickets just like every other student who bought them would love to know how their wait constituted “comparatively easy access.” Finally, though Hoya Blue did assist the athletic department in compiling a list of pre-selected students to receive Nike Dunk shoes, the majority of the names we submitted were non-HB members, with a special emphasis on seniors who have been dedicated fans for four years. When Nike scrapped their plans for a random giveaway at the Louisville game, Hoya Blue felt that an open drawing should be held to give all students a chance to receive a pair.

Paul Campbell (MSB ’09)

Communications Officer, Hoya Blue

April 17, 2008

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