We all sense a small part of our soul going into hibernation now that the Super Bowl has been played and the time has come for America’s new national pastime to die away until the end of summer. In my room, watching college football on Saturday and the NFL on Sunday with random fans of the game has been as much of a staple of life here as going to class. Though trudging through Arctic weather to get to class will continue for the time being, it is becoming more and more apparent that watching football will not. Every time I turn my head and look at the two TV’s in my room, they seem to be taunting us all; asking us “what are you going to do on Saturday and Sunday afternoons now?” These days shouldn’t go to waste, so here are a few things one can do to fill the void of a football-less world:

Locate Canada and Mexico on a world map

According to recent surveys by CNN and National Geographic that I am hearing about, doing this might take a few more Sundays than you’d like to admit. Hint: They’re both near the United States. After assuring yourself that both are actual countries (I personally am still shaky on Canada) and locating them, research the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement and formulate your own opinions about how NAFTA will affect the economic workings of the region.

Find religion

It makes sense to replace the legitimate religion of football with another one. Attend a Catholic service, here or elsewhere. Find out about the Jesuit order and become the expert among your friends. Go to a Buddhist temple and find tranquility there. Learn how to found a religion through divorce (see Anglican Church). I hear that achieving spiritual peace is just as fulfilling as your favorite team beating their rivals, so try it out.

Make a friend of another race

This doesn’t just have to be a white or black or Asian thing. If you’re one to believe there is “something out there,” then buy a telescope and learn astronomy. Go to the Georgetown Observatory and find out what kind of happenings go down under its dome. When you’re all done, if you’re lucky, you may find a whole new alien race to become friends with. Exploiting them for cash and fame or not is something I’ll leave to your own discretion.

Read a book

You can start off as small as the Cliff Notes edition of Huckleberry Finn or try to tackle Crime and Punishment. If you ask me, there’s nothing like looking a punk adult who thinks I’m inferior in worldly knowledge right in the eyes and saying “Yeah, I read that”. It makes you feel superior inside and it’ll make them feel stupid. You can’t ask for many better scenarios than that.

Fall in love

Even though it’s bleak and cold outside, your heart doesn’t have to be the same way. This love thing is not too shabby at all. Mine is hundreds of miles away and I still talk to her and thank God for knowing her every day. Find that special someone to keep you warm during these cold winter nights. If you’re already in relationship, end it and find a new one – I’m sure it was getting stale anyway. If the chips fall right, you’ll be spending more than just Sundays enjoying life.

Buy a banana.or an orange

Our Central and South American friends are having a hard time keeping their democracies above the tidal waves of corruption. Additionally, their currencies are failing faster than a J. Lo marriage. They need our help. Since I know you’re not going to single-handedly save the southern half of the western hemisphere, do what you can and buy a bunch of imported bananas to eat. Oranges and other fruit are good choices too. It’s not only healthy and environmentally sound, but it’s also a way to feel that you did your small part to help stabilize struggling economies in Venezuela and Honduras. When you’re done, go a step further and lend a hand in stabilizing the world economy by buying American. Help us get out of this pesky recession!

So much more time is at our disposal now that football has hung up its own cleats. Make the time count: watch “Americas Most Wanted” and call in with a tip that leads to the capture of a fugitive; publish an article; visit Woodbridge, Va. and make southern town jokes under your breath. Whatever you do, just don’t sit around and pine for next season while the whole world is out there waiting for you. Leave the sitting around and sulking to the Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes fans. They deserve it.

Chenel Josaphat is a freshman in the School of Foreign Service. The Last Spoonful appears every other Tuesday.

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