YELP.COM SAY CHEESE | Stoney’s menu offers an assortment of grilled cheese options as well as a decadent mac & cheese.
SAY CHEESE | Stoney’s menu offers an assortment of grilled cheese options as well as a decadent mac & cheese.

Stoney’s Bar and Grill

4/5 Stars


A couple of blocks away from Dupont Circle is the lesser-known — but equally bustling — neighborhood of Logan Circle. Logan Circle boasts myriad restaurants, but Stoney’sBar and Grill is a standout location. Located on P Street,Stoney’s has been a long-established D.C. favorite.

Stoney’s has a rich history; after its opening in 1968, it became known as one of the best dive bars and restaurants in the District. After renovating and moving to its new Logan Circle location in 2006, however, Stoney’s has traded in some of its original scrappiness in order to attract a wider clientele base. The current location consists of all wooden furniture, creating a very smoky atmosphere. Some of the most fascinating parts of Stoney’s surviving the move are the police and firefighter badges, grouped by different states and displayed under glass cases. In fact, Stoney’s still maintains its very warm and friendly atmosphere years later. The bar is first and foremost a local watering hole; those who work in the neighborhood will come in at the end of their day and choose a beer from the dozen on tap while indulging in some authentic American comfort food.

Stoney’s combination of atmosphere, food and drinks has brought it to the attention of people from all over the District. Its Super Grilled Cheese Sandwich — which includes ripe tomatoes, hatfield bacon and sliced American cheese, was named one of the forty dishes by The Washington Post that every Washingtonian must try in 2013.

For those looking for something similar to Mom’s home cooking or a place to pick up some traditional American cuisine, Stoney’s provides the perfect option. Almost everything on their menu contains some form of cheese, and some dishes have endless combinations of cheddar, parmesan and American. Their burgers are famous — the Stoney Burger, slathered with their special sauce and served with a generous portion of fries, has been drawing customers to Stoney’s for years.

Although I wasn’t personally able to try any of the burgers or the Super Grilled Cheese, I decided to try the next best thing: the regular grilled cheese, served with a side of fries. My friend decided to try the decadent mac & cheese, made with a combination of American, parmesan and cheddar cheeses and served with a square of their homemade cornbread. In order to get the most out of the experience, my friend and I shared our meals and marveled at the deliciousness of both dishes.

The grilled cheese, with its perfectly oozy and gooey American cheese stuffed between two lightly buttered pieces of white toast, was delicious. The light-brown grill marks on my sandwich conjured up nostalgia for my childhood lunches. One thing that I really appreciated about the sandwich was that it was neither too salty nor too greasy. With a side of crispy fries — a welcome break from those you get at Leo’s — and lots of ketchup, the whole dish was deliciously balanced.

At the same time that I was experiencing the greatness that is the simplicity of a well-done grilled cheese, I also found euphoria in Stoney’s mac & cheese. Made up of three different types of cheeses, it is a hearty and heavy dish. Just as with my grilled cheese, however, Stoney’s proved that it is a master of the palette when it paired the mac & cheese with a light and fluffy piece of cornbread. The mac & cheese had a perfectly baked golden-brown top layer that was a beautiful surface for the almost soup-like and gooey portion of the dish.

Walking out of that restaurant, my friend and I were both deliciously sated. In fact, we’re both looking forward to the next time we will be able to venture off campus for more delicious dishes reminiscent of home cooking.

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