The [Hoyas Anonymous Web site]( now receives an average of 500 views per week, and the group is planning on advertising more extensively on campus in the coming months. Launched last fall through Health Education Services, Hoyas Anonymous provides Georgetown students with a place to anonymously share thoughts, vent emotions and post personal secrets.

The Web site is the brainchild of Brigitte Granger (NHS ’10), an HES employee. With the help of Diedre Boozer (NHS ’10) and the HES staff, Granger modeled the Web site after [](, a national Web site that allows users to post anonymous postcards.

“The underlying purpose of the site is to connect Georgetown students to one another, even if anonymously,” Granger said. “Even though our outsides may portray the perfect Joe or Jane Hoya, deep down we are all human. And Hoyas Anonymous says that’s okay.”

Granger said she hopes that the name will become recognizable in the Georgetown community, with planned advertising aiming to increase the Web site’s transparency.

Students drop postcards to be displayed on the Web site in a drop box outside the HES office or submit posts and comments online. The Web site requires that posters provide a fictitious name and an e-mail address with each submission, in case of “mental wellness emergencies,” according to the Web site.

The HES staff reviews all submissions to prevent postings about on-campus groups or individuals. The site is also restricted by copyright laws and cannot post unoriginal or copyrighted photos.

embers of the HES staff regularly post questions on the Web site to prompt students to explore different emotions and submit accordingly.

“I’m really proud of Georgetown kids because I haven’t received any tasteless comments,” Granger said. “I think that’s pretty cool.”

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