Why are you running for GUSA Senator?

I am running for GUSA Senator in order to have a more influential role in advocating for our student body. I believe that the Georgetown Senate is a well-balanced mix of innovative, progressive thinking and effective, practical reasoning. I would be honored to contribute to a group that works so hard at maintaining and improving every aspect of Georgetown student life.

What are your goals for your term in GUSA, if elected?

If elected to GUSA, I would be interested in working with the GUSA Sustainability and Food sub-committee in order to increase meal-swiping options at locations such as Epicurean and Hoya Court. Pertaining to my district, I would like to improve the Henle Community Areas and make the Henle garbage and recycling systems more eco-friendly.

What is the biggest challenge the Georgetown student body currently faces?

The biggest challenge facing the Georgetown Student body is lack of direct communication between the students and the administrative committees and decision-making individuals on campus. The Georgetown student body is comprised of dynamic and creative students, full of new ideas and improvements for our community. The one obstacle impeding on the ability to create change is the inability to share ideas with those in charge.

What is your campaign platform in one sentence?

Henle is “Kase Closed” because I will advocate for the Georgetown student community in order to promote Georgetown sustainability, increase meal plan options and make the residents of Henle proud.

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