By Tracy ZupancisHoya Staff Writer

Sections of the Leavey Center flooded due to torrential rains that hit Washington on August 10-12, and the newly renovated Georgetown bookstore suffered damage due to design flaws.

According to Jim Kuhlman, director of the Main Campus, Medical Center and Law Center bookstores, water entered the bookstore primarily through the upper level. On the west side of the building, a lack of drainage caused flooding, and the south side experienced water damage.

Over 60 boxes of supplies were damaged.

“No books were damaged,” Kuhlman said, “which is very good because they are difficult to replace, especially this close to the school year.”

Kuhlman said under their initial agreement bookstore contractors Whiting Turner will fix any building damage. This will include work on the drainage system as well as landscape alterations, which will involve sloping land away from the building.

The thunderstorms began late in the afternoon Friday, Aug. 10.

“Actually, things were much better than they could have been because people were around Friday when flooding started and were able to move merchandise,” Kuhlman said. Employees were able to clean up the leakage.

The most flooding, however, occurred the following day, when a power outage prevented vacuums from being used. Kuhlman said the water that could not be removed due to the outage caused some leakage into the bottom level of the bookstore.

“It’s not what you want to happen when you’re opening a new store, but it could have been a lot worse,” Kuhlman said. He did not have an estimate of the cost of the damage.

President George Bush declared the District a disaster area, its first such designation, and over $13 million in damages was caused by thunderstorms, mudslides and flooding. Significant sections of the city were left without power and sewage was backed up.

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