“Well, it seems like Enushe and Chris are a lot like Hillary Clinton — they’re probably the best for the job, but no one really feels very inspired by them. They seem to have every single issue as a ‘focus,’ while not actually providing much in the way of creative policy. They’re going for the mile-wide, inch-deep approach. And that has paved the way for the write-in ballots, because they’re easy to criticize. Also, this analogy makes Hot Chick the Bernie Sanders, which seems fitting.

Danny Watson – SFS’16

“It seems like Enushe and Chris are nice people, but the fact that they are the only ones running really troubles me, because it makes it feel like all the GUSA people are trying to shore up their own positions. It’s all basically become a joke. When a sandwich can get more than 10 percent of the vote — that’s how democracy dies.”

Garrett Hinck – SFS’18

“In this year’s election, I support Enushe and Chris. As a senator, I have had the privilege to work closely with Enushe during her time as speaker of the house. She has consistently demonstrated a desire to serve our campus and bring people together.”
William Morris – Freshman GUSA Senator, COL’19

“I wish there were more options for president so this didn’t feel so much like a coronation, but also I’m glad that I didn’t have to deal with drama like last year. In terms of student engagement, though, this is probably not a good sign. Also, the Election Commission clearly biases the process against write-ins by requiring an inane format and then not publicizing it, ensuring that lots of votes (like my top 5) won’t be counted.”

Nick shedd – SFS’18

“This year’s GUSA election season marks another exciting round of door-to-door campaigning at freshman and sophomore dorms, which occasionally involves soliciting votes by means of brownie bribing. The plethora of quotable memes from campaign ads are also amusing … not so far off from the current presidential election. Jokes aside, it’s quite refreshing and fun to see the new ideas and platforms offered by and debated among the candidates.”

Khoa Tran – COL’16

“I truly have no comment other than I admire the commitment Anirudha Vadaddi put into the Chicken Madness campaign.”

Naman Trivedi – SFS’16


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