Students joined Mason Inn owner Fritz Brogan (COL ’07, LAW ’10) at a planning forum for the Healey Family Student Center pub Wednesday night.

Fourteen students attended the forum, as did Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services LennieCarter and Georgetown University Alumni Association President George Peacock (COL ’84). The meeting, held by the Georgetown University Student Association, focused on the pub’s name, its relationships with student groups and concerns about underage drinking.

Brogan, who will manage the pub, proposed the name Stonewall. He suggested a student-body vote on the name this fall.

“I think it’s important that the name is timeless,” Brogan said. “My fear is that it gets called Blue and Gray. Everything on campus is a variation of the same name. We have to make sure it’s something that lasts forever.”

The forum also addressed other aspects of the pub that have not yet been decided.

“There are obviously certain things that are definite,” Brogan told THE HOYA, citing the outside patio and dance floor as examples. “What it comes down to is some of the details. … Those are some of the decisions that we’re looking to get feedback on.”

The pub, slated to open in August 2014, will be open every night and until 3 or 4 a.m. on weekends, with hours suspect to change after the first semester of operation. A separate food kiosk will be open until 4 or 5 a.m. on weekends as well. GOCard debit dollars will be accepted as payment — with parameters surrounding purchase of alcohol to be set by the Office of Student Affairs — thoughFlexDollars will not be accepted.

“We’ll be open 24 hours if there’s a demand,” Brogan said. “If we can sell our product, we’ll stay open.”

The indoor portion of the pub will be around 3,000 sq. ft. and have room for about 120 people sitting and 200 standing. The exact dimensions of the outdoor patio area have not yet been determined.

Brogan noted that the bar would be the focal point of the restaurant with what he called “Chipotle-style” service, although patrons would be able to sit down at tables and order food as well. On the weekends, the pub would serve brunches with bottomless bloody Mary’s and mimosas.

The pub will also have a catering arm that would cater alcohol at events within the pub, but not in other areas of campus. Student groups will be able to reserve the pub for meetings and events.

The bar will employ students in a wide range of positions.

“I want to try and hire as many positions as possible from bartender to waitress to cook to marketing to office,” Brogan said, noting that he will start hiring around 60 to 90 days before opening. “Any position we can hire students for, we’ll hire students for.”

Brogan addressed concerns that the pub would compete with The Tombs.

“So many bars that cater to students have closed,” he said. “I think there’s plenty of business for both places. … It wouldn’t be wise [to compete]. I think we’ll coexist.”

Another concern was underage drinking. Forum attendees discussed methods of discerning underage pub patrons, including wristbands and hand stamps or X’s.

“We’ve got to balance the fun atmosphere with the law and make sure we don’t embarrass the university,” Brogan said.

The forum was held relatively early because a few decisions had to be made soon about licensing for the pub.

“I’m really hopeful that student input will be taken directly into account when they develop a final plan,”GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) said. “It was very collaborative environment where students are equal stakeholders in the outcome.”

Another forum will be held at the beginning of the school year.

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