Alumnus Tom Harvey (C ’61) wrote in his letter (“DeGioia’s Choice Ignores Health Risks,” THE HOYA, Nov. 13, 2007, A2), that he is sure University President John J. DeGioia is “aware that the Catholic Church holds that `sexual activity between persons of the same sex, is not a normal condition, the acts being against nature and.objectively wrong.'” I’m not sure though, that DeGioia is aware of how seriously unhealthy supporting a LGBTQ resource center can end up being. Though Mr. Harvey began to tackle this issue in his letter, I feel compelled to further clarify the threat that such an establishment could present to this campus.

Not only is homosexuality “a dangerous lifestyle accounting for about half the HIV/AIDS deaths in the United States,” as Mr. Harvey stated, but those who choose to lead said lifestyle, for it is obviously a conscious choice made by godless and perverse persons greatly increase their risk of (as recent events have shown) being the victim of a hate crime at Georgetown University, developing ADHD and contracting scarlet fever.

Mr. Harvey cited some very pertinent research from the Canadian edical Association Journal but failed to note that Canadian HIV/AIDS is most likely nowhere near as fatal as American HIV/AIDS – especially the rare strain of HIV that probably plagues the District of Columbia. The American strain is believed to be aggravated by high altitudes, such as those faced by the residents of the Georgetown Hilltop. Homosexual students at Georgetown may therefore be at greater risk than any other group in the country for becoming HIV positive. In fact, the risk for LGBTQ Hoyas is far greater than that of other at risks group such as African American women and intravenous drug users combined.

DeGioia is making a huge mistake by considering funding an LGBTQ resource center. Doesn’t he realize that such a center would have no power to increase the number of homosexual students on campus? Moreover, the promise of providing educational resources to students, including sexual health education to the members of the LGBTQ community so that they may better protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, will surely be nothing more than a front for a cesspool of sinful relations between these already misguided youths. DeGioia should not in any way be ashamed of himself for practically uninviting HIV/AIDS to this campus.

As for Mr. Harvey, I would be quite interested to know whether or not he feels that since 75 percent of women who contract HIV do so through heterosexual contact, the Women’s Center on campus is also a “financial supporter of a behavior that can be unhealthy.” This inquiring student would like to know.

Donald F. Burke, III (COL ’10)

Nov. 13, 2007

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