After the Metropolitan Police Department significantly boosted patrols for Halloween last week, MPD Second District officials stood by the initiative, saying that crime for the day was moderate.

The Second District received reports of nine thefts, one stolen automobile, one burglary and one robbery on Oct. 31. MPD Second District Sergeant Tammy Lane said that this level of crime is typical for the holiday.

“Not only do the good people come into the area, the bad people come, too,” Lane said.

Georgetown patrols included an additional platoon from each of the District of Columbia’s other districts, totaling 224 extra officers in the area, MPD Second District Lieutenant Jeannie arie Sullivan said.

Lane said she was confident that the increased police presence deterred crime on Halloween, but that due to an increased number of people in the neighborhood, crimes were also more difficult to spot and prevent.

“We can’t catch everything, but we do catch a majority of it,” Lane said. “Georgetown’s safe, but you have to protect your property. We can’t be everywhere all the time.”

MPD Second District Sergeant Harry Hayes estimated that the crowd in Georgetown for Halloween was two to three times larger than Georgetown’s population.

“Halloween is a big night. There is a lot of drinking and what have you,” Hayes said. “We want to keep people safe.”

The increase of patrols on Halloween night was part of a D.C.-wide boost that MPD employs every year on Oct. 31. Lane said PD increases officer presence whenever it expects more people than usual in any area, although she said Halloween is one of the largest events.

“We know there’s going to be a big crowd,” Lane said. “We know every year. Halloween is a no-brainer.”

The Department of Public Safety incident log did not report a spike in crime on Halloween night.

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