Beginning Monday, GUTS buses running to Arlington and Rosslyn, Va., and the Georgetown University Law Center will no longer stop at the Leavey Center or O’Donovan Dining Hall. These buses will enter campus on Canal Road, as they do now, pick up and drop off passengers at the intersection of North Road and Tondorf Road and leave campus through the Prospect Street exit.

Currently, all GUTS buses depart from the Leavey Center to destinations that include Wisconsin Avenue, Dupont Circle, Arlington, Rosslyn and the Law Center.

Frank said the changes were made in response to the high volume of traffic caused by the frequent presence of pedestrians, personal vehicles, maintenance vehicles and buses on Tondorf Road.

Frank also said that buses traveling north will stay on the north side of campus, while buses traveling south will stay to the south so that no buses cross the campus.

“The only change will be that buses from south campus won’t go to Leavey,” she said, but students living in the Southwest Quad will face a noticeable increase in the number of people and buses near their residence halls.

Several students, faculty and staff have complained about the rerouting.

Peggy Weissinger, director of assessment and evaluation in the School of Medicine, wrote in an e-mail to the Office of Transportation Management that by eliminating these buses’ stop at the Leavey Center, it is “forcing those riders (who flood those buses during rush hour times) to walk up the hill … add[ing] hundreds of pedestrians to the street.”

Katherine Narbonne, an administrative assistant at Georgetown University Hospital’s Transplant Center, said she does not look forward to having to walk down to the Southwest Quad to catch a bus.

“It’s a big pain. I know people are kind of confused about where to get the Arlington bus and given the time of year and the cold weather, it’s not a great time to have to walk down the hill,” she said.

“I don’t like it,” Mike Stone (MSB ’10) said. “I don’t know if I want all the people going to Rosslyn in the Southwest Quad. I like having it all away from the center of campus.”

Frank said that the university’s main incentive for rerouting the buses was pedestrian safety, which is generally heavy on Tondorf Road. Increased activity has also led DPS to more frequently post a traffic guard at the intersection of Tondorf and Library Road this year.

In addition to safety concerns, Frank said that limiting traffic on Tondorf Road is the first step in transportation plans linked to the new science center. She said that, starting next summer, Tondorf Road will be open only to construction vehicles as the university works on construction of the new science center.

Frank said her office would be open to changing the new route if it is deemed necessary. “We will obviously monitor this and see what adjustments need to be made,” she said.

Some students, though, said that they appreciate the concern for pedestrian safety.

“Dodging the buses on a daily basis is part of the joy of living in Darnall,” joked Maximilian Cascante (SFS ’11).

According to Frank, most of the complaints dealt with the intersection of Tondorf and Library Road in front of the O’Donovan Hall.

Buses will still pass this intersection under the new system.

Frank said the Office of Transportation Management consulted with the Faculty Senate and representatives from the Medical Center, Law Center and GUSA before making the changes.

GUSA President Ben Shaw (COL ’08) said he first learned of the changes 15 hours before the rest of the student body, when he received an advance copy of the broadcast e-mail announcing the discontinued stops to the student body.

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