Georgetown University Student Association President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) was named a student representative to the steering committee of the Georgetown Community Partnership.

The partnership is designed to provide a forum for resolving issues between the university and its neighbors and was a key element of the resolution to the 2010 Campus Plan negotiations, which ended this summer.

“I just found out this morning,” Gustafson said. “We’re very excited that we were able to get a student representative on the steering committee. It shows that students are a party in this discussion.”

Gustafson’s appointment comes at the end of several months of lobbying on the part of GUSA and other student groups to have a student representative included among the leaders of the GCP.

“It was our biggest concern right of the gate because the language of the Campus Plan said that the partnership would be led by someone from [Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E] and a top university administrator, but it didn’t say anything about students, so we’ve been talking and making sure to bring it up in every single meeting all summer,” Gustafson said.

ANC 2E chair Ron Lewis was appointed to co-chair the partnership last week, though the university has not named its own delegate to the committee. According to Gustafson, the organization and responsibilities of the steering committee have not been finalized, but she expects that it will meet for the first time sometime in October.

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