tudents living in the greater New York City area will not have to pay expensive train or airplane rates to travel home this Thanksgiving. The Student Association is currently sponsoring a chartered Greyhound bus to go roundtrip from the Healy Gates to New York Port Authority’s Penn Station.

The bus will leave from the university at approximately 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 27 and will leave New York at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 31. Tickets will be $50 roundtrip, which is significantly less of a burden than ordinary travel costs, which can amount to over $200. This opportunity is limited to only 47 people.

GUSA representative Sean Fern (SFS ’05) organized the event. Although GUSA came up with the idea last year and formulated most of the plans, it did not have enough time to address all insurance issues. “A lot of other schools do this and I think it provides a good, cheap service for students,” Fern said. So far, Fern has received 30 replies from people interested in taking advantage of this service.

The arrangement is only offered to students living in the New York City area because GUSA did not believe there was currently enough demand for other debated cities, such as Philadelphia, Fern said. He also noted that a bus to other northeastern cities such as Boston would be too long of a ride.

Fern said that a bus would not be made available for winter break because students leave campus on different days. A bus will also not be available for spring break, as many students do not go home. “This is only a Thanksgiving thing . and hopefully we can do this every year,” Fern said.

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