The newly elected Senate of the Georgetown University Student Association met for the first time on Oct. 13 to fill the parliamentarian and secretary positions for the upcoming year.

Sam Ungar (COL ’12), who previously ran for an at-large senator seat, was elected as parliamentarian. The parliamentarian position was created at a GUSA meeting on Oct. 4 to maintain order and to ensure that the Senate follows parliamentary procedure.

Laura West (COL ’12) was elected secretary, a position that was created at the same meeting. GUSA created the secretary position to increase transparency by ensuring that notes are taken at each meeting.

The Senate voted Adam Talbot (COL ’12) as Senate speaker and Chris Pigott (COL ’12) as Senate vice-speaker.

“As a sophomore, I’m very excited to work with such an eager and enthusiastic body of new senators,” Talbot said. “Our first meeting proved to me that the fourth Senate has a commitment to open and orderly debate as well as a dedication to taking a critical and reformist eye to all aspects of student life at Georgetown.”

Nick Troiano (COL ’11) was voted the chairperson of the Finance and Appropriations committee.

All three senators were voted in unanimously.

After an instant runoff vote in the Senate, senators Sandy Glassberg (MSB ’11), Matt Hoyt (COL ’12), Greg Laverriere (COL ’12), Colton Malkerson (COL ’13), Nichol Nelson-Goedert (COL ’10) and George Roche (COL ’10) were voted to the Finance and Appropriations committee.

GUSA concluded the meeting by passing two acts that modify the bylaws concerning proxies and Senate committees.

The proxy bylaw now allows senators to use written proxies to vote on bills when they are not present at meetings. Previously senators were not allowed to vote by proxy. The bylaw allows senators to use proxies only twice during the academic year.

The second bylaw mandates that senators serve on at least one Senate committee during the academic year. In the past, senators were not required to serve on a committee. In addition to the existing Finance and Appropriation and Ways and Means committees, the act created Academic Affairs, Outreach and Fundraising, Student Life, Community Building, and Housing, Facilities and Technology committees.

An act concerning Senate vacancies, which deals with the issue of filling empty seats from uncontested districts in the recent election, was tabled until next week.

The modification would allow students from the districts to nominate candidates, and the Senate would then hold an instant runoff vote to elect the remaining senators.

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