To the Editor:

The Hoya editorial, “GUSA Assembly Must Shape Up or Ship Out” (Oct, 15, 2004, A2), was unfair. To paraphrase, it basically said that the assembly doesn’t do anything but it should.

I may not be unbiased, but I am informed. And I know that some of Georgetown’s most devoted students work very hard in their roles as assembly members. Various members are working to make it simple for all students to have their voices heard, to increase university spirit, to increase endowment, to improve relations with the community and to address specific issues as they arise.

This is not to say that the assembly is always effective, or that every member of the assembly works as hard as he or she should. But we’re always trying to improve.

The editorial states, “Being an assembly member is not a huge time commitment.” The fact is that being an assembly member is what you make of it. I spent eight hours last week on GUSA-related activities, but I have other commitments.

The assembly does need to improve, but don’t say it does nothing just because the students working hard on it don’t get the recognition they deserve.

You can continue berating the assembly out of ignorance – that’s freedom of the press.

But we’ll continue working to improve Georgetown for you and for all students in spite the derision – that’s integrity.

Drew Rau (COL ’06) GUSA Assembly Member

Oct. 16, 2004

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