The GUSA Assembly approved a resolution Tuesday calling on the university to immediately reform the housing selection process.

Sponsored by junior representatives Kah Yee Teh (SFS ’06) and Drew Rau (COL ’06), the resolution calls for members of the class of 2006 currently living off campus to receive five housing points in the selection process for next year’s housing.

Under the current selection rules, rising seniors living off campus receive four points, the same amount as all rising juniors. any current juniors had hoped that living off campus this year would improve their chances of securing campus housing for next year and complain that the current system is unfair.

“The way that the housing selection process has unfolded over the years has disproportionately disadvantaged the class of 2006,” Student Association President Kelley Hampton (SFS ’05) said.

The resolution also expressed GUSA’s interest in developing a comprehensive plan to correct what they view as inadequacies in the housing policy.

GUSA representatives will work with members of other student groups in this long-term effort.

Sophomore representative Pravin Rajan (SFS ’07) and Interhall President Jon Deutsch (COL ’07) are leading a committee toward that goal and have requested housing data from the past 10 years for their review.

Hampton said she will be closely involved in the committee’s work. She also said that GUSA has a similar study from the past in its records, and will use it as part of its new study.

The resolution comes as complaints over housing selection have intensified.

Last week, university housing officials announced that they could not accommodate the large number of students requesting campus housing and would be unable to reform current eligibility guidelines for the class of 2006.

In response, a small group of juniors staged a rally outside the housing and facilities office.

Several members of GUSA met Sunday with Interhall representatives to discuss possible solutions. Hampton also said that GUSA will be sending a letter to Provost James J. O’Donnell to draw attention to the problem.

Members of GUSA remain confident that they will be able to secure more favorable eligibility guidelines for the class of 2006. Hampton said GUSA will continue to push the resolution.

“It’s in the long-term interest of everyone,” she said.

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