GUSA Food Committee Considers Changes to Cafeterias, Hoya Court

By Jessica Wade Special to The Hoya

Almost everyone on campus eats in either the New South or Darnall dining halls at least once in a while.

Now, some dedicated students at GUSA are trying to improve that experience. Anthony Koneschusky (MSB ’03), a member of the GUSA Food Committee, described the group as “a middleman between the students and the administration,” which aims to “express the student voice” to those who run the cafeteria. The group meets monthly with those in charge of the cafeteria, such as Margie Bryant, associate vice president for auxiliary services, and Jeannie Quirk, food and beverage director, whom Koneschusky says are “very receptive” to the groups goals and ideas.

Among the most important topics that the food committee tackles are chicken fingers. “There was this big thing on campus about chicken fingers,” said Koneschusky, “and there still is.” The food committee worked with dining services to bring chicken fingers to Hoya Court and has been pushing for more frequent chicken finger days in New South and Darnall all year. Other issues in which the committee has been involved include a new yogurt machine in New South and the absence of milkshakes there.

At a recent food committee meeting, Quirk addressed the topics: “We will look to see if there is an opportunity for a second [yogurt] machine for the fall semester depending on space and electrical requirements.” On the topic of milkshakes, Quirk was not quite so optimistic: “Both dining halls need to have separate features. Darnall features milkshakes. The volume at New South would require two machines and the space required is currently not available.” The committee was also instrumental in the development of special menus for exam weeks.

The food committee’s most recent accomplishment is the creation of the “GUSA Burger,” which will begin to be featured beginning April 10 in Hoya Court. It was designed by Koneschusky and Stephen Loiaconi (COL ’02), in conjunction with Quirk who, according to the committee, was very enthusiastic about the project. She said that the sandwich had been very well received and that she was thoroughly pleased with this year’s food committee. “The students come to the meetings all the time, and we are getting concrete feedback,” said Quirk. “They are really committed and a lot of fun to work with.”

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