This week, a one-minute campaign video was posted on YouTube featuring GUSA candidates Enoch Bevel (COL ’08) and Munir Jawed (SFS ’08). The video discussed some issues of concern to our very own Georgetown University Television (GUTV). I highly encourage you to view it before reading on.

Bevel and Jawed assure the Georgetown public that they can get Asiafest and Rangila to be broadcast on GUTV, even without any knowledge behind our past coverage of both events. This is a bold campaign promise for Bevel, who has never been affiliated with GUTV and speaks about GUTV from the experience that only comes with vaguely knowing “that the institution exists.”

Bevel and Jawed’s astonishing lack of dialogue with GUTV about issues that they think – and we think – matter to Georgetown students and the initiatives that they propose without any serious strategy to make them happen, underlies a fundamental cornerstone of their campaign platform: making promises they can’t keep to collaborate with organizations they know nothing about.

GUTV, as always, invites interested members of the student body to contact us, or come with their own ideas for initiatives they would like to see and be a part of during our weekly production nights. Come with the energy to learn more about how you can get involved to change the world you are in – the world of Georgetown, the student world around us and the world behind our own student-run television station.

GUTV challenges Bevel and Jawed to do what they could have done without the throne of GUSA – to do what many Hoyas reading this newspaper have already done.

I highly encourage everyone to become knowledgeable about the candidates and vote on Feb. 6.




JAN. 30, 2007

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