GUSA Candidate Platforms By Thomas Wigg Hoya Staff Writer

Brian Morgenstern / Steve de Man

Employing the slogan “Bring It Home,” Brian orgenstern and Steve de Man put forward six major priorities in their official platform. If elected, they will work to ensure the creation of a student pub, complete with a lounge and entertainment venue, in the space currently being used for the New South cafeteria.

Morgenstern and de Man also hope to promote student events, specifically referring to bringing back student bartender night on a regular basis. Their third priority is the expansion of GUTS services, which they hope to extend to new locations and provide more runs on the weekends.

Fourth, they would like to create an Alumni Connection Web site in which students could take better advantage of internship opportunities in the area. They also want to change the 24-hour lockdown policy to allow students to access all university buildings at all times.

Finally, they plan to bring the men’s basketball team to cDonough Arena for three home games during the 2004-05 season.

“If elected, we will work with students as well as administrators to realize the type of community that will encourage students to take ownership and pride in Georgetown,” orgenstern and de Man said in their official platform.

Rob Hutton / Nazareth Haysbert

Robert Hutton and Nazareth Haysbert believe that GUSA should have a larger role in the hiring of campus administrators and also want to redefine GUSA as an advocacy committee. Among their proposals are weekly GUSA programming on GUTV, caller ID capabilities to all residence halls and extended party registration hours via online registration.

With regard to building entry, they propose electronically closed doors within residence halls rather than outside. On the issue of health, they are “advocating on behalf of students for the promotion of safe sex and sex education,” according to their website, as well as promoting free and confidential STD testing at the new student health clinic. Hutton and Haysbert also would like to implement wireless Internet access in all campus housing and want to improve off-campus housing. They also address the issue of transportation, wanting to expand GUTS services at night and also around the holiday season and to have student postings of travel plans to provide possibility of carpools.

The ticket also wants to bring basketball games back to campus, increase the use of Copley Formal Lounge and host bi-weekly nonalcoholic social events to be held in the Village C Alumni Lounge.

Steve Palmese / Tim Nunziata

Defining their two main platform goals of “making Georgetown Day every day,” according to candidate literature, and “bringing in new money for campus activities,” Steve Palmese and Tim Nunziata outline solutions to the morale and funding problems currently prevalent on campus.

They express concern that GUSA has been “ineffective” at creating a better sense of community and there is a “growing divide” between GUSA and the community. To fix this, they provide a number of new ideas including weekly student concerts in Red Square, tournaments on Copley Lawn, “karaoke Fridays” in the cafeteria and student DJs in Red Square.

They also propose weekly town hall meetings, weekly GUSA presidential columns in the newspapers and would like to convert the New South space into a bowling alley equipped with pool tables, ping-pong and a video arcade.

In order to bring more funds to campus clubs and organizations, they plan to utilize the currently dormant Georgetown Funding Commission. Small businesses and corporations would make contributions to improve campus life at Georgetown. “We are proposing an effective and creative way to bring in new money that will make enterprises such as these feasible,” they said.

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