It is common practice for GUSA presidential candidates to visit every corner of campus in the days leading up to the election, but this year’s hopefuls have found an additional resource to help spread their messages: YouTube.

The candidates’ online films – they created 14 in all – reflect the contrasts in their agendas and styles. While Luke Hillman (COL ’08) superimposed himself onto the floor of the U.S. House chamber to deliver a “State of the University” address, Ben Shaw (COL ’08) took a more comedic approach, mocking the “Saturday Night Live” short “Dick in a Box” with his original video, “Vote in a Box.” Jake Styacich (COL ’09) conveyed his message through music in his film, “Piano Man – GUSA Style,” while Enoch Bevel (COL ’08) took a more straightforward approach, delivering his campaign agenda in a series of speeches.

The videos mark a dramatic change in campaign tactics. Although candidates used the Internet to spread their messages during last year’s election, they, collectively, only produced only one video.

“Vote in a Box” was one of this year’s most notable movies, earning five YouTube honors on the day of its posting for its popularity. While Shaw, along with the other candidates, agrees that the videos have had a marked influence on the campaign, he said that he would rather focus on his agenda.

“I think door-to-door campaigning was the best way, the only way, to talk to people about the issues,” Bevel said.

For many students, though, the campaign videos have played a vital role in helping to inform their voting choice.

“I pretty much based my entire decision on the video and the fact that they seem devoted to the Georgetown community as shown by the information on their Web site,” Dave Friedman (COL ’10) said of Shaw and running mate Matthew Appenfeller (COL ’08).

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