As the GUSA campaigns begin to gain momentum, candidates have had to face more than just the usual competition.

Last Wednesday, someone ripped all of the candidates’ campaign posters off of the wind tunnel walls in Red Square.

And this was not the first time the candidates encountered difficulties. Earlier in the week, some of them had to fight the wind to keep the posters from falling down.

Candidates do not know all of the facts about Wednesday’s vandalism. GUSA presidential candidate Happy Johnson (COL ’07) and Molly O’Reilly-Pol (COL ’07), the campaign manager for Pravin Rajan’s (SFS ’07) campaign, said that they saw two inebriated Georgetown students carrying multiple posters on Thursday night.

The candidates filed a report with the Department of Public Safety shortly after the incident. None of the candidates suspect any sort of malicious intent on behalf of the other campaigns.

“Our stance is that we want people to respect the whole concept. As candidates we are united in this. In the end, if people are doing anything malicious, they are not affiliated with the individual campaigns,” O’Reilly-Pol said.

Many candidates said that they had been disappointed to see their hard work vandalized. “It’s a shame that all the banners were taken down. Everyone worked so hard. It’s hard not to take it as a personal attack,” GUSA vice presidential candidate Vikram Agrawal (SFS ’07) said.

GUSA banners were not the only ones stripped off of the walls – posters for the Cherry Tree Massacre, the A Cappella Show held in Gaston Hall this past weekend, were also taken down.

Amanda Gant (SFS ’07) the director of materials for Rajan’s campaign, said that she was extremely disappointed to see the posters were missing when she stopped by Red Square Thursday morning.

“We were all going out to see the posters in all their glory and there was nothing,” she said.

Both Johnson and Rajan’s banners went back up yesterday and campaigning has resumed as usual.

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