Friday, October 15, 2004 GUSA Assembly Must Shape Up or Ship Out Last week’s elections for GUSA assembly members were revealing. Eighteen freshmen ran for four assembly seats, 14 finished the night disappointed. For the class of 2005, the incumbent went unchallenged. Too bad the incumbent was an empty seat.

Why was the senior seat eventually filled by a write-in candidate? Why the difference between freshmen and seniors? Something must happen to people over the course of three years on the Hilltop. It is not just a bad case of senioritis. Over the course of three years, students learn something about the GUSA assembly. Perhaps they have come to realize that the GUSA assembly fails to play an active role in campus affairs.

Being an assembly member is not a huge time commitment. Senioritis and the call of The Tombs are not what keep seniors away. Many Georgetown seniors are still heavily involved on campus. But with precious little time remaining on the Hilltop, these seniors are involved with organizations that make more of a difference.

The GUSA assembly’s inability to find even one senior out of a class of 1,600 is pathetic. Surely one current member of the assembly has a friend who would not mind coming to a weekly meeting. An effort to find a candidate would apparently be too much to add to the vacant agenda of the assembly. And not one senior was willing to take up the call on his or her own.

If the student body is represented by an assembly, the assembly must find a way to make itself relevant. Every day, student organizations are making a difference in the Leavey Center, all over Georgetown and across Washington, D.C. The GUSA assembly should be an organization that makes a difference.

The continued failures of the GUSA assembly to do make itself relevant begs the question – does Georgetown need a student assembly? If the assembly cannot appeal to even one member of the senior class, it may as well vote itself out of existence.

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