STANLEY DAI/THE HOYA GUASFCU COO Nick Diment (MSB ’16), left and GUASFCU CEO Kate Ballinger, right, joined the company’s board of directors in January.
GUASFCU COO Nick Diment (MSB ’16), left and GUASFCU CEO Kate Ballinger, right, joined the company’s board of directors in January.

The Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors underwent a transition in leadership positions earlier in January. Eight new members replaced the seven previous board members, with the newly created position of Chief Communications Officer. The incoming board members reflected on their plans for the future of the organization.

Why did you want to be in GUASFCU and on the Board of Directors?

Kate Ballinger (COL ’16), CEO: I joined GUAFSCU for two main reasons. One is the community it builds. I think it brings together a group of really intelligent and thoughtful people, and I really wanted to be a part of that because I thought that I could learn a lot from everyone. The second reason I joined GUAFSCU is because of their mission statement. I was really impressed by how a financial institution could spend so much time giving back to the community, and I wanted to help give back to Georgetown in the best way I could.

Nick Diment (MSB ’16), Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors: I joined GUASFCU because of the unbelievable community that extends to younger and older undergraduate students, as well as to over 30 years’ worth of alumni.

Danny Falasca (MSB ’16), Chief Financial Officer: I joined the Credit Union the fall of my freshman year hoping to find a group that I could grow, socialize, and work with over my career at Georgetown. I have learned so many great things about the financial services industry, but most importantly, I formed some of my closest relationships and best friends at GUASFCU over the past few years.

Stephan Kim (MSB, ’16), Chief Marketing Officer: I joined because I wanted to be a part of a community of giving back to Georgetown. I also thought that GUASFCU was a place I could develop both as a person and a leader.

Kim Carlson (MSB ’16), Treasurer: The biggest reason is being part of a team. I want to utilize my interest in investment banking. Being part of The Board gives me a chance to make a difference in the culture and move the credit union forward in general.

What are your goals for GUASFCU?

Ballinger: We’ve had a longstanding partnership with Common Cents, which is the financial literacy group, and so we’ve been talking to them a lot about co-sponsoring events and trying to help tailor their speeches to the needs of college students, what they need to learn about having a bank account and taking out loans and things like that. Also, part of what we do is focus on trying to make Georgetown the most affordable and enjoyable experience for everyone, so some things that people don’t realize is we actually do a lot of philanthropy events and we try to give back in every way we can, and that’s something I want to further this year.

Diment: My plans for GUASFCU are to increase visibility both internally and externally for the credit union in the coming year. We have a very unique quality in that we are rooted in the Georgetown tradition, and I would like to enhance that in any way possible.

Kim: I want to continue to market our products and services, but also want to make sure we are a Georgetown organization supporting the community in every possible way beyond taking care of students’ personal finances.

Carlson: Right now I’m focusing on what I’m in control of in the position, because my background is in member services. But the biggest thing I want to do is change the transparency of the position and of the credit union. I handle the portfolio and I want to make everything, besides, obviously, the confidential information, very clear to everyone.

What excites you most about the future of GUASFCU?

Ballinger: I’m really excited by all of the young interns we have and the potential they have to grow. We just hired our new class of 21 tellers, and they’re all incredibly unique and intelligent freshman. We only hire freshman in the spring. I’m really excited to see the ideas they bring to the table because a lot of the best ideas come from the newest members.

Diment: I am excited about the potential GUASFCU has to grow in regards to our loan products, investment portfolio, and other financial services.

Falasca: What excites me most about the future of GUASFCU is the institution’s potential to grow with the other student-run organizations on campus. Georgetown has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated by organizations like the Corp, GERMS, and GUASFCU. This unique aspect of Georgetown should not be ignored but embraced. It is an exciting time for all student-run organizations on campus and I think there will be some excellent collaborative efforts in the near future.

Kim: The most exciting thing is the chance to become a mentor to younger students in our organization and the chance to motivate them both through leadership and passion for the work we do.

Incoming Board Members not mentioned: Laura Tonnessen (MSB ’16), Chief Lending Officer, Xavier Weisenreder (COL ’16), Chief Information Officer and Sarah Petuck (COL ’16), Chief Communications Officer

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