Mike Hume/The Hoya Josh Sisken (COL ’03) beat Alonzo Mourning (CAS ’93) in a video game at ESPNZone on Friday. On the second floor of ESPN Zone, below the bustle of the restaurant, Alonzo Mourning (CAS ’93) sat down with current Georgetown student Josh Siskin (COL ’03) to engage in an epic battle of pixelated proportions.

Siskin won a contest that had been featured at ESPNZone on 11th and F Street. The contest, sponsored by Konami, maker of ESPN video games, consisted of a week-long tournament of contestants playing NBA 2Night, the latest of the ESPN titles for Playstation 2.

Siskin defeated another Georgetown student, David Troha, a junior in the school of nursing to win the tournament and face off against Miami Heat Center, and former Georgetown player, ourning.

“I wanted to play with Zach [Amchislasky COL ’03] so I got up there,” Siskin said of how he entered the contest. “I killed everybody.”

Mourning, playing with his own team, the Miami Heat, could not contain Siskin who ran away with the win in a complete rout. Before the game, Siskin, playing as the New York Knicks, said he would attempt to employ a “run-n-gun” offense against the larger Mourning, but Mourning struggled with the games’ controls and frequently turned the ball over to the much more adept Siskin.

Siskin threw salt on the wound after he hit a three-point shot with Larry Johnson, a taunted Mourning, making an “L” with his arms, just as Johnson does in real life. Mourning laughed and shook his head in response.

“I got a good response from that,” Siskin said.

Siskin finished off the game and celebrated with his friends who he brought with him to watch the game. Overall, Siskin was pleased with the experience.

“It’s nice to have 15 minutes of fame,” Siskin said. “My name is in lights at ESPNZone. How much better can it get?”

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