The chairman of the Georgetown University chapter of College Republicans has accused a high-ranking official in the party’s national college committee of sexual harassment and misuse of party funds.

Jennifer Gorski (COL ’01) and two other female employees of the Republican National Committee and the College Republican National Committee, one of whom is a recent Georgetown graduate, submitted their complaints in affidavits to the RNC earlier this year.

According to the women’s spokesman, Jason Zanetti (COL ’00), the RNC made a decision on the allegations Thursday, but it was unavailable at publication.

In her affidavit, Gorski said that the CRNC official engaged in unprofessional behavior by regularly making unwanted sexual advances and sexual comments to her and other female employees.

“On two or three separate occasions . [the official] stated to me that, `I can’t hire a good-looking girl because I can’t keep my hands off her,'” Gorski said. “[And] [he] publicly told me, `I like my female employees to wear skirts, rather than pants, so I can look at their legs.'”

The official also openly discussed personal sexual matters on several occasions in the CRNC office, Gorski said.

“He . complained that his `penis continually burned’ or was in pain, and even commented on the relative small size of his genitalia,” Gorski said in the affidavit.

The official did not return two phone calls placed Thursday.

The affidavits also said that he authorized the use Republican party funds for his and other individuals’ personal expenses, including cellular telephone bills, campaign delivery services and plane tickets.

“As I organized CRNC financial records, I noticed this expenditure and confronted [him]. [He] told me that he had purchased the ticket, at CRNC expense, to visit his family. He claimed he would reimburse the organization, but did not do so to my knowledge,” Gorski said.

Gorski worked as an intern at the CRNC office and as office manager until she was fired in September 2000. In a letter to the co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, she said that she was certain the official terminated her employment because he knew she was prepared to bring sexual harassment charges against him and support the charges of other women.

According to Gorski, the three affidavits were written last November in an effort to impeach the official at the national board meeting of the CRNC in New Orleans.

However, when the board voted not to remove him, Gorski said they brought them to the RNC’s attention, particularly because they pay his salary.

“This kind of sexual harassment is completely disrespectful and I won’t stand for it . and I hope the RNC won’t either,” Gorski said. “They already told me they have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment, I guess now we’ll see if they stand by that.”

Gorski said the allegations should not affect the Georgetown chapter of College Republicans.

“We’re a great group and this shouldn’t reflect that,” she said. “But it’s hurting the Republican Party because it already has a problem reaching out to young people, especially women.

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