After meeting last year through the Georgetown Entrepreneurial Organization, Brian Miller (COL ’11), Brendan Somerville (MSB ’11) and Jimmy Tran (MSB ’11) hatched a plan for a Web site that would serve as a comprehensive guide for students to life in Georgetown. It would be the beginning of

“College Life DC is a user-generated online community that connects college students with resources that enable them to experience collegiate life at is best,” Somerville said.

The Web site, which features photographs of the businesses it reviews, is divided into four sections: “Eat,”Shop,”Party” and “Explore.” Users have the opportunity to register, which allows them to comment about businesses and restaurants and vote for their favorite local spots. Members can also communicate with one another, and soon, they’ll have access to exclusive deals with businesses.

“We’re trying to make the Web site as user-based and friendly as possible, so users have the power to share any deals they hear about with their peers just by filling out a form on the site,” Miller said.

The three sophomores are no strangers to entrepreneurship. In high school, Miller ran a Web design business, Tran created a greeting card company and Somerville founded a Cape Cod travel Web site.

With so much experience, the team had no trouble getting the site started. The trio launched at the Student Activities Commission fair fewer than five months after Somerville came up with the idea.

Though the site is running smoothly and has generated over 1,000 hits, Miller, Somerville and Tran know that their work has only begun. Now that they’ve caught the attention of students, they’re busy building relationships with local businesses in an effort to expand their offerings.

“Definitely keep your eye out on our site there are going to be some sweet deals for Georgetown students as we make more connections with local businesses,” Tran said.

So, whether you’re caught in a dining rut or just looking for a way to pass your Saturday afternoon, you’re just a click away from a solution at

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