If Friday night’s display was any indication, future Georgetown squads will have little trouble forging team chemistry.

“It’s beautiful having all the recruits here who have verballed,” Georgetown Prep junior Markel Starks said as he palled around with fellow 2010 commit Nate Lubick and 2009 commits Hollis Thompson and DaShonte Riley.

“But what about this guy?” Thompson wondered, pointing to the fifth member of the group, Jalen Kendrick, the No. 26 recruit in the class of 2010, according to Rivals.com.

Kendrick broke into a wide smile and said he was “just waiting for the word” from Starks before committing to Georgetown. “I’m gonna let the hype die down first,” he said, getting the rest of the group to combust into laughter.

Kendrick is a 6-foot-6 point forward who plays for Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, the same high school Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard attended. Neither Rivals nor ESPN lists Georgetown among Kendrick’s schools of interest, and Scout.com lists Kendrick as having no interest in the Hoyas. ESPN has Kendall ranked 15th in its 2010 Top 60. Scout and ESPN both refer to Kendrick as Jelan.

Thompson was the first of the four to commit to Georgetown, electing in November to join the Hoyas. Thompson spent his first three seasons at Loyola High School in the Los Angeles area and will play his senior year at De La Salle in Concord, Calif. Rivals has Thompson ranked 10th among 2009 small forwards and 52nd overall. Scout, meanwhile, lists Thompson 34th overall and seventh among small forwards.

“This is our [Hollis and Riley] second time here,” Thompson said. “The first time was a good experience. It’s nice to come back and enjoy some more of it. .We get a good feel for school spirit – can see what to expect.”

Starks, No. 35 for Rivals and No. 54 for Scout, is set to begin his junior year at Georgetown Prep. He is the first Little Hoya to commit to the big Hoyas since Roy Hibbert (COL ’08). According to ESPN’s Scouting Report: “Markel is a very smooth point guard. He has solid size and a good basketball IQ. He is solid off the bounce and can finish in the paint. He is a good scorer when needed. He makes good decisions with the ball. His range is to 19 feet. He is a good athlete.”

“Georgetown is a great school,” Starks said. “We got Hollis, I like that, he’s a great player.

“DaShonte, he’s the future big man. We have my other buddy [Lubick] over here. Hopefully Jalen Kendrick.”

The most important thing, Starks said, was that each of the four commits considered both basketball and academics before committing.

“Basketball, the school itself, it’s pretty prestigious,” he said.

As for Riley?

“When I talked to the first Coach Thompson [Jr.], that was it. I wanted to come here,” he said.

Georgetown has “a pretty good track record of developing great big men,” he said. “I’d like to prove I can be a great big man like Alonzo, Patrick.”

Kidded Thompson: “The big-man tradition was important for me too. That way I can just shoot and they’ll get the rebounds and pass it back out.”

Riley, once a member of Rivals’ Top 15, has fallen all the way to No. 121. Still, the 6-foot-11 big man is known to be both an excellent shot blocker and a good athlete who can run the floor.

Lubick, a bit more reserved and already having spoken to THE HOYA, stood by quietly but seemed just as much a part of the budding group of friends.

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