To the Editor:

On behalf of everyone involved in planning Saturday’s Girl Talk show, I would like to apologize that the show is in a small venue. I understand and share the sentiments of everyone who has expressed frustration over not being able to purchase a ticket due to the venue’s small capacity. However, I would like to make it clear that we spent weeks trying to find a larger space, but were unable to find one.

The following is a list of viable on-campus venues and the reasons why we did not or could not choose that venue: McDonough Gym – the venue is not available, due to games and practices; O’Donovan Hall – this venue costs $2,000 to rent and is not a suitable place for the dance party atmosphere that Girl Talk concerts are supposed to create; Gaston Hall – this venue has chairs that cannot be removed and cannot hold a dance-party type concert; Sellinger Lounge – there will be a What’s After Dark event there on Saturday night; Center Grill Cafeteria – the Marriott Hotel will not allow us to have a loud concert there because the hotel is right above the cafeteria; Walsh Black Box Theatre – there is a performance there this weekend Riverside Lounge – this space has a smaller capacity than Bulldog Alley; Village C Alumni Lounge – this space also has a smaller capacity than Bulldog Alley, Hoya Court – it is impossible to block hallway light from entering this space, as Facilities will not turn the hallway lights off.

I hope this list convinces you that we had good reasons for choosing Bulldog Alley. Again, we are all frustrated by the decision, but please blame the university for not providing an adequate place for concerts rather than blaming us. I hope everyone who has a ticket enjoys the show!

Chelsea Paige (SFS ’09)

General Manager, WGTB

Nov. 13, 2007

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