To the Editor:

Your Nov. 22 editorial (“GU Football: Sacked,” THE HOYA, A2) missed the point on a number of issues, even the team’s 2005 record (4-7).

Player injuries notwithstanding, the editorial takes Head Coach Bob Benson to task for the Hoyas’ poor offensive output yet fails to note that the Georgetown defense ended the season ranked in the top 25 in Division I-AA. The editorial also bemoans Georgetown’s record since entering the Patriot League (19-36) but fails to note that comparable upgrades by other schools have also proved difficult. In the first five seasons Fordham was in full Patriot play, for example, its combined record was 5-47.

Improving the student-athlete experience at Georgetown is about more than just winning games. Competitive financial aid packages, retaining good coaches and getting the Multi-Sport Facility finished are all essential; the relative lack of each puts Georgetown at a competitive disadvantage. The editorial, however, takes an all-or-nothing approach by recommending that GU either increase football scholarships or reconsider the entire program. This is a false set of choices, because neither addresses the issues at hand.

Taking this all-or nothing logic to an extreme, Georgetown would have virtually no intercollegiate sports, because almost no teams (save men’s basketball) enjoy the funding and facilities of rival schools. Conversely, for Georgetown to add full athletic scholarships in a sport in which it does not currently offer them would not only be a considerable annual expense but would steer Georgetown away from peer institutions like Penn and Yale, each of which are scheduled to play the Hoyas in the next few years.

Finally, the editorial also sounded an alarm that one in six players did not rejoin the team in 2005. This figure is not uncommon at schools where there are considerable academic commitments beyond athletics. Those who do not play all four years nonetheless stay on course for their degree, which is what intercollegiate athletics should be about anyway.

It’s time to put aside the frustration and get to work on improving football and all Georgetown teams. When students excel on and off the field of play, the wins will surely follow.

John Reagan (MSB ’84)

Nov. 30, 2005

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