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During this past spring break, 211 students and staff from across campus had the opportunity to live in and learn from communities throughout the U.S. Whether hanging drywall, engaging labor leaders and day laborers or watching a Mardi Gras parade, we were privileged to reflect on our experiences and see how they interact with our lives at Georgetown.

Many participants will find ways for their spring break immersion to affect greater change in our own community. Yet before we can make that impact, the Alternative Spring Break program must express our gratitude towards so many who have made these trips a reality.

The Center for Social Justice Advisory Board for Student Organizations is the rock on which the entire program is built. ABSO encourages student leaders to create innovative experiences within a framework of immersion, solidarity, service and reflection. Our adviser, Morgan McDaniel (SFS ’13) spent hours answering questions and supporting the planning committee and trip leaders.

Partnerships with Campus Ministry and the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor have allowed the Center for Social Justice to offer transformative trips with the Kino Border Immersion Experience in Arizona, and Worker Justice DC. Their expertise and shared mission show us avenues for still greater growth in our program.

The Corp and the Georgetown University Student Association Fund gave generously to make sure our experience was an option for any Georgetown student — multiplying by many times our capacity to offer participants scholarships towards their trip fee.  Their support built on donations from young alums, who had already contributed so much through past work as students, and whose vision and continued commitment inspire us.

Finally, to the anonymous person who paid for one student’s entire trip fee — thank you. Giving without counting the cost is a Jesuit maxim we sometimes overlook; your example humbles us.

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