Eighty waitlisted students were offered admission to Georgetown this year, and 72 have submitted deposits for the fall semester.

Fifty waitlisted students were originally accepted in mid-May; of those, 45 deposited with the university. After accepting the 30 additional students in stages until June 30, the university’s final admissions yield is 47.2 percent.

“We didn’t lose as many people as we have in previous years,” Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon said. “Georgetown is increasingly a first choice.”

Deacon added that many top schools did not accept students from their waitlists this year, contributing to Georgetown’s retention rate.

Including these waitlist numbers, the total number of deposited students for the incoming class is 1,601, with approximately 20 to 25 students taking a gap year. Gap year students lower the incoming class to approximately 1,580, meeting the undergraduate enrollment cap of 6,675 students set by the 2010 Campus Plan agreement.

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