A grenade was found Wednesday only six miles away from Georgetown University in Rock Creek Park in Northwest D.C., but it was deemed inactive after inspection by military personnel, according to a U.S. Park Police official.

Robert Lachance, public information officer for the United States Park Police, said that the worker noticed the grenade on the morning of Oct. 1 and notified the Park Police, and the area was secured and the Park Police contacted the Metropolitan Police, who brought in the Military Explosive Ordinance Unit to handle the grenade.

Weapons incidences in D.C. area parks are “fairly frequent” events, according to Lachance, although he said that grenade incidences are very rare.

There are over 30 parks in the D.C. area, which include memorials and other historical sites.

“The United States Park Police has a very comprehensive plan throughout the national capital region to ensure that all the parks under our primary jurisdiction remain safe. That’s a mixture of protecting against criminal activity as well as terrorism activity,” Lachance said.

He added that the Park Police responds to threats in a number of ways, including using uniformed and undercover officers, along with SWAT and K9 teams.

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