In response to last week’s letter regarding the Georgetown Program Board’s newest alcohol policy (“GPB Can’t Control What We Do After Dark,” THE HOYA, Nov. 2, 2007, A2), I feel there has been a misunderstanding as to the purpose of the addition. As a member of GPB, I have come to understand that the policy is not designed to prevent students from consuming alcohol, but rather to give GPB members more power to control their events. GPB knows that it is far and away impractical to attempt to stop Georgetown students from drinking before its events, but members should have the right to refuse inclusion in said events to students who are clearly causing problems.

The purpose of GPB and programs such as What’s After Dark is to provide alternative entertainment for those students on campus (and yes, they do exist) who actually choose to not engage in the drinking culture at Georgetown, whether habitually or only once in a while. The experience of these activities for those students who wish to partake in them soberly should not be compromised because their peers decided to knock a few back and come intoxicated, subsequently interfering with the progress of the event.

If you sign up to partake in an event that is being sponsored by GPB, a group whose sole purpose is to provide “non-alcoholic, low-cost entertainment,” I would expect any student on this campus to be respectful of that motto. I personally have no problem with students pre-gaming events, but everyone should be able to maintain some level of maturity and not show up so intoxicated that they become belligerent.

We accept that drinking is going to happen. But it is time for students to show that they can take responsibility for their actions and that they value the events that GPB plans for the entire Georgetown campus.

Rachel Wynn (NHS ’08)

Member, THE HOYA’s Editorial Board

Oct. 5, 2007

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