By Joe Harten Hoya Staff Writer

GUSA President John Glennon (COL ’99) and Vice President Austin Martin (COL ’99) will begin hosting an editorial commentary program tonight at midnight on GUTV (Hoyanet Cable Channel 27). “20/40” will cover the current GUSA executive election for 1999-2000.

“20/40” will consist of a half-hour of news, door-to-door on-campus interviews, panel discussion with guests and a final “Andy Rooney-style” commentary from both hosts, Martin said.

GUTV will air the program nightly, or every other night, depending on the amount of information, GUTV’s John Collier (MSB ’01) said.

The show’s name, “20/40,” implies its format, similar to that of “`20/20′ except a little out of focus,” according to Collier.

“20/40” began videotaping Sunday at midnight, when campaigning began, Martin said. Programming will not begin before tonight because of a General Committee Meeting during regular programming hours, 10 p.m. to 12 p.m., according to Collier.

The GUSA leaders will not make any endorsements or portray negative aspects of any candidates. “We are not searching for negativity,” Martin said, “We are trying to show the candidates’ best sides.”

Glennon and Martin presented the idea for a commentary on the GUSA election to GUTV last week. After Collier and GUTV quickly approved the program idea, the hosts began learning how to broadcast, according to Martin.

“It was a very interesting idea, and they seemed willing to put time into it,” Collier said. “GUTV is open to student programming ideas, but there is effort required.”

According to Martin, the show aims to provide a medium for election information other than campus newspapers. The co-host also said he hopes to increase viewership for GUTV.

GUTV News plans to cover the GUSA election in a more official manner once or twice per week, Collier said. “General GUTV News coverage is being planned,” he said.

Wednesday’s first election debate will be broadcast live with coverage to follow, Collier said. GUTV also plans to give each candidate a free five-minute spot at some point during the week, he said.

“The idea [for the 5-minute spots] is to allow the teams to present just the issues,” Collier said.

Glennon and Martin hope to continue their “20/40” with a different broadcast schedule after the election ends. “Depending on how well-received it is, we would like to do a couple nights a week on GUTV after the election,” Martin said.

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