Now that’s different! That was my reaction to Swedish rock band sensation Peter, Bjorn and John’s sixth album, Gimme Some.

One of the reasons Lady Gaga is so popular is because her music, not to mention herself, is so different from what we are used to. Gimme Some is riveting because it is not just mindless words set to too-loud-to-handle, thumping instrumentals.

This album is eclectic and each track stands out. Pay particularly close attention to the first track, “Tomorrow Has to Wait.” It sets the mood for the entire album; it is like both a Beatles and a U2 song at the same time. Yes, that is a very strong recommendation on my part.

It is interesting to see that each track, especially “May Screen Macabre,” seems to strike the perfect balance between lyrics and instruments. What’s more, the album incorporates a variety of styles. While all of the songs maintain a general rock and roll beat and sound throughout, each song also seems to be a mix of rock and some other genre.

However, a problem arises with all the differences in the featured music. The songs are so different from one another that listening to the whole album becomes somewhat tiring. You go in with the ambition of listening to some rock, but after only a few tracks, you feel as if you have listened to samplings from multiple albums and bands. It’s nice to have variety in an album of course, but perhaps not quite to this extent.

Another fault: some tracks are far too short. Case in point: “Breaker Breaker.” It is undoubtedly the strongest song on the album because, well, it is close to perfect. It is catchy, incredibly easy on the ears despite the heavy use of drums, and the whole thing is somehow just entrancing. Yet, it stands at all of only one minute and forty seconds long — not nearly enough.

Nevertheless, this album can definitely be filed under the “achievement in rock music 2011” category for being different from any album we have heard in a while. And in addition to being unique, every song is good and demands multiple listens. So check this out, and pretty soon you’ll also find yourself saying “gimme more.”

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