From signing out packages and letting locked-out students into their rooms to folding towels behind the front desk in Yates Field House, there are a multitude of on-campus employment opportunities for students here. Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of your work-study grant or on the hunt for a regular job, if you want to make that extra buck, consider yourself in luck.

The first step to finding the job of your dreams – or at least one to fund the expenses of daily college life – is to check out the official student employment website at http:// There, students can browse through jobs for the academic year or summer, and potential employers, both on and off campus, can post them. Also listed are a number of “spot job,” or short-term assignments that will get you cash without the commitment of regular employment.

On-Campus Non-Work-Study

On-campus employees enjoy a variety of benefits such as the easy commute and an inside look at various campus institutions. This past summer, such job opportunities included web developer for University Information Services, front desk assistant for the German and European Studies department or test proctor for the Academic Resource Center. Teaching assistant positions are usually available, too. Salaries range from $7.50 an hour to $15 an hour for jobs that require a more specific skill set. Most applications can be filed through the website, and the interview process is informal. So if you’re looking to brush up on your photocopying skills or practice your phone voice, this is the place to go. Often such jobs leave enough time for the occasional Facebook browsing or cram session, but make sure to get a feel for your work environment before multitasking.

You can also work for The Corp, the nation’s largest entirely student-owned and run company, which operates on Georgetown’s campus. Applications for employment are available online at at the start of each semester.

Federal Work-Study

There are many jobs on campus available exclusively as part of the work-study package. While there is no real difference in quality of employment options there are some unique opportunities, including an interpreter position for the Georgetown University Hospital and certain departmental office assistantships. Some work-study jobs can pay slightly higher than their non-workstudy counterparts, but students will find that wages often depend on previous work experience. The Corp also offers work-study positions.

Off-Campus Jobs

If you like little kids, clothes, food or any combination of the above, then an off-campus job is for you. D.C. has a lot to offer, and you can do whatever suits your fancy – you could be a “safari guide” for children’s parties at the National Zoo or babysit for one of your neighbors. You can also take advantage of our close proximity to the bustling retail hub that is M Street and get a job at one of the many restaurants or shops.

Off-campus jobs are best obtained by contacting the employer directly. Additionally, these jobs can come along with different benefits, including potentially more interesting duties, as well as employee discounts – the perfect motivation for a foodie or shopaholic.

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