Honored with the largest donation in university history, the Medical Center received $87 million in research funding this June.

The donation, which surpassed the previous largest gift of $75 million, given by Robert McDevitt (CAS ’40) in December 2008, is a gift from Virginia Toulmin, who died in June after managing her late husband’s charitable trust for over 40 years. Toulmin’s husband, Harry Toulmin, died in 1965, leaving a $1.2 million trust in his wife’s control according to a press release.

Although Mr. Toulmin did not attend Georgetown, his grandfather, Warwick Evans, was the first student to graduate from the School of Medicine in the Class of 1852 and then worked at the School of Medicine as an anatomy professor.

“Harry really worshiped his grandfather, who was this great man – successful physician and prominent Washington figure,” Virginia Toulmin said in a 1997 interview with the university.

“Harry was a strong believer in educational institutions, and even though he didn’t graduate from Georgetown, Harry loved his grandfather and his grandfather loved Georgetown,” she said.

rs. Toulmin maintained an active presence in the university community, serving on the board of regents and on the board of visitors for the School of Nursing and Health Studies.

In the 1997 interview, she said she was elated knowing Georgetown would eventually receive the trust money as a donation.

The money will be used to fund the Warwick Evans and Mary Mason Washington Evans Medical Research Endowment, supporting research at the Medical Center.

Howard Federoff, executive dean of the School of Medicine, could not be reached for comment.”

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